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Saundra Lund sslund at roadrunner.com
Sun Jan 21 15:38:58 PST 2007

Doug Farris wrote:
"I have one question . . . "

I see by now you've already received several answers, not that I expect any
of them will satisfy you, so I'll refrain.  However, as my daddy always told
me, "You asked the question and got an answer.  Just because you don't
*like* the answer doesn't mean you didn't receive the courtesy of a
response.  Now quit your whining."

Farris also wrote:
"Do you, as the "collective" voices and poster children of the Intoeristas .
. . (I guess that makes 4 questions in toto, Sorry I learned to count in
public school)"

I'm sorry, Doug, you have continuing counting problems  :-(  I attended
public school as well, and I have no problems counting.  I see from your
spelling above that you can't spell, either.  Unfortunately for YOU, you
can't blame that on public schools since 'Intolerista' is a relatively
recent phrase coined by your pastor to express hatred and disdain of those
who have the courage to speak out against him.  Perhaps you can make
arrangements to receive private spelling assistance from some of your buds
who have learned a bit better?

Farris also wrote:
"And just because you can't read Right-Mind.... I will be posting may of
Dale's profound wisdom and computer prowess regularly"

Awww, bless your little heart for the offer.  Fortunately, though, I didn't
place my trust in you because you'd have already let me down.

Visionaries, for your reading pleasure, I'm posting below for discussion and
enlightenment quite an interesting item from Dale Courtney's blog.  Dale
posted this yesterday, and one is left to wonder how he got his greedy
little paws on it so quickly since it was apparently only submitted to Mayor
Chaney on Friday?  I seem to remember Farris & his buddies making quite a
stink right here on V2020 about the rapidity with which some City
information was making it here.  In fact, I seem to remember snide comments
and attacks speculating that J Ford (IIRC) must have been camped out at City
Hall to get info so quickly accompanying accusation that (s)he needed to get
a life.  I'm *sure* Farris has made the same comments to his bud Courtney
about his jumping right on the following letter.

Oh, wait -- I forgot for a moment there the Kirk double standard:  when they
do something, it's fine, but when someone else does the same thing, it's

Also of interest, IMHO, is Courtney expecting Mayor Chaney to do things any
differently than former Mayor Comstock did -- three times, if my memory is
correct.  He was certainly supportive of Comstock when he said (with respect
to filling Tony Johnson's vacated seat), "I have a philosophy that the
people elected Tony Johnson. I believe the appointee should be someone that
shares Tony's ideas and perspectives."

Oh, wait . . . silly me, I'm forgetting all about the double standard
embraced by the Kirk:  when it benefits the Kirk, it's only fair; but when
it doesn't benefit the Kirk, then it's not fair.

In any case, I thought Visionaries would like to know that Moscow Chamber of
Commerce President Mike Nelson is already jockeying for Council Member John
Dickinson's seat.

The announcement of his intention on Courtney's restricted blog seems a
rather strange place for such an announcement -- do any Chamber members care
to comment?

Here's the blog entry in its entirety:

Mike Nelson Offers to Fill Out Dickinson's Remaining Term

The following letter from Mike Nelsen to Moscow Mayor Nancy Chaney is an
offer to fulfill John Dickinson's remaining term. 

There's not a snowballs chance in hell that Chaney will put a pro-business
person on the City Council. 

Her replacement will be someone who brings more of the same: an
anti-progress "progressive", no-growth, MCA puppet like Stout and Ament. 

	January 19, 2007 

	The Honorable Nancy Chaney 
	City of Moscow 
	P.O. Box 9203 
	Moscow, ID 83843 

	Re: Council Appointment Request 

	Dear Mayor Chaney: 

	The Moscow Chamber of Commerce would like to express our sincere
condolences to the City of Moscow for the tragic loss of Councilman John
Dickinson. John was a steadfast supporter of this community, our downtown,
the arts and economy. We hope this community will formally recognize his
contributions in some fashion at the appropriate time. 

	I also recognize that John's loss leaves a vacancy in the Moscow
City Council. To that end, I want to offer myself as a potential candidate
for your consideration. I understand the importance of public service and
providing good governance to our community. My background as a local
business manager and current Moscow Chamber of Commerce president has helped
prepare me to serve. Further, I would hope to bring an ability to listen,
exercise fair and reasoned decision-making and provide valuable perspective
to you and the other council members. 

	I look forward to discussing this with you further at your earliest
convenience. Again, thank you for your service to the citizens of this great


	Mike Nelsen President 

	Cc: Moscow City Council 
	Moscow City Supervisor Gary Riedner 

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Saundra Lund
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