[Vision2020] Giuliani Aide: Muslims should go "back to their caves"

nickgier at adelphia.net nickgier at adelphia.net
Mon Dec 31 17:09:33 PST 2007

Concord (NH) Monitor
Dec. 31, 2007

There was a shake-up in Giuliani's New Hampshire campaign after a co-chair of the state's Veterans for Rudy told a British newspaper that Americans need to chase Muslims "back to their caves."

John Deady, told The Guardian of London, "We need to . . . keep pressing these people until we defeat or chase them back to their caves or, in other words, get rid of them."

When asked if he was referring to all Muslims, Deady told the paper, "I don't subscribe to the principle that there are good Muslims and bad Muslims."

Deady added that he "wasn't necessarily referring to genocide."

Deady had resigned from the Giuliani campaign as of yesterday. 

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