[Vision2020] Blight-Mind Show-n-Tell

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Mon Dec 31 14:02:45 PST 2007

Your comments are always welcome and sometimes insightful.
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> On Dec 30, 2007 4:16 PM, Bill London <london at moscow.com> wrote:
> > You say: "I feel like I'm persona non grata here anyway"...wrong, you are
> > not, your reasoned discussions are welcomed here.  whether anyone agrees
> > with you is really not the issue.   the point is that you are sharing in the
> > discussion, and enlightening and enlivening it....
> Thanks, Bill.  I guess I sometimes feel persona non grata because it
> seems, to me, that my observations or objections are often ignored, or
> engaged only at the periphery, rather than the center, of whatever
> point I am trying to make.  But maybe I'm just being self-absorbed.
> Thanks for the encouragement, regardless.
> > You say: "The Kirkers have been singled out, why?" ... the core reason is
> > Doug Wilson's political agenda to remake Moscow by dominating the downtown
> > core of the town and starving the public education system.
> That's a cogent reason, maybe even a supportable reason.  And it's
> succinctly expressed, which I like.  I'll have to think about it for a
> while before responding.
> Chas
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