[Vision2020] Blight-Mind Show n' Tell

nickgier at adelphia.net nickgier at adelphia.net
Sun Dec 30 23:33:19 PST 2007

The Kirk preaches some stupid things, some destructive things, but how 
> many Christian churches in Moscow don't?  How many Christian churches 
> in Moscow aren't homophobic?  Don't the Roman Catholics and the 
> Mormons both have doctrines that forbid women the priesthood?  I've 
> met a few Moscovites (Baptists, every one of them) who argue that 
> being black is a punishment from God (the mark of Cain). 
> The Kirkers have been singled out, why? 

No Moscow pastor I know preaches the execution or exile of homosexuals. (Wilson reaffirm this position in the NY Times Mag on 9/30/07.) Yes, RC priests cannot be women, but the Wilson goes further: women should not vote either.  With regard to Baptists, in 1995 the Southern Baptist Convention apologized for the sins of racism and slavery.  Your Baptist friends should get with the denomination.

Only Wilson's church does imprecatory prayers, only Wilson uses his father's Principles of War for his spiritual war against unbelievers and most Christians.

Nick Gier, Proud Intolerista

Intolerance is not a vice if one is intolerant of dishonesty, deception, bigotry, discrimination, bad manners, and ugly behavior

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