[Vision2020] Gnostic Accountability

nickgier at adelphia.net nickgier at adelphia.net
Fri Dec 28 13:16:56 PST 2007

Hi Paul, 
You've expressed your views on this topic very ably before and I respect you for 
your positions.  I continue to research and post on this topic for a number of 
1.  I am a scholar and I publish in the area of religious studies, and scholars 
all over the world are interested in this particular topic.  That is why I was 
asked to contribute to Talk-to-Action, whose frontpage features the topic 
religious scholars in the country. 
2.  I just happen to believe that religious fundamentalists--Christian, Muslim, 
Buddhist--are one of the greatest dangers that the human race faces, and I will 
do everything in my power to mitigate the effect of their actions and their 
3.  Doug Wilson is a former student of mine; he is neck deep in the type of 
doctrines that drive religious fanaticism; and I feel some responsibility for 
his actions.  Many years ago he was a honest man, but he is no longer, and I 
think that is a great tragedy for our community. 

4.  Wilson is largely responsible for the split we now experience in our community, so the topic is eminently suitable for the Vision.  No other church or religious leader has ever done this in the history of our fair city.

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