[Vision2020] US Corporate Totalitarian Complicity:Yahoo Settles In US Court, Google Censors

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Mon Dec 24 02:46:22 PST 2007

Joe Campbell wrote on 12/22/07:


Look, I know that you and Harkins have your beliefs and you don't like
to let things like facts and evidence get in the way of them.
Now that Yahoo has settled in US court regarding their complicity with
the Chinese Communist dictatorship in jailing Chinese citizens for
exercising free speech (10 year sentences, and still imprisoned),
perhaps Harkins can now "weigh in" on this issue, to quote Harkins, as
he implied he would.  The evidence in March, 2006, however, when
Harkins dodged (my wording) this issue in a Vision2020 post, was
compelling that Yahoo had indeed engaged in the conduct that is now
"resolved" in US court, in a suit brought by the families of those
jailed in China with Yahoo's cooperation.

Article below from the Washington Post documenting Yahoo's
"settlement" regarding their complicity with the Chinese Communist
dictatorship in the jailing of Chinese citizens for exercising free


And regarding Google's censorship of information in China:

"They and other tech companies are helping to build information
systems that are surveillance-friendly," said Evan Hendricks,
publisher of the Privacy Times newsletter in Washington, D.C. "It's
hard to find a positive in that."

Paris-based Reporters Without Borders, which closely monitors
restrictions on the Internet, denounced the Google initiative as "a
black day for freedom of expression in China," according to a
statement on the organization's Web site.


In the post below Jeff refused to directly acknowledge the well
documented facts that Google censors its search engine in
collaboration with the human rights violating policies of the Chinese
Communist dictatorship, nor the human rights violating complicity of
Yahoo involved with jailing Chinese dissidents.   Nor did he post any
follow up to this subject.

Perhaps Harkins can now be "persuaded by the evidence..."

On 3/9/06 Jeff Harkins wrote:


I am aware of many positive actions by US companies,
including Internet companies.  But I will seek to learn more about
your "conspiracy" allegations and, if persuaded by the evidence I
obtain, will post you on my findings.
As I get my head around the "US Internet Corporations conspiracy with
China's Communist Party" I will weigh in.

Jeff Harkins


Comments I offered on this subject in March, 2006:

The notion that capitalism always implies democracy is a mistaken
idea.  China no doubt is and will be a fierce competitor in the
capitalist world.  But US corporations engaging in human rights
violations in China could just as well be a green light for the
Chinese Communist Party to continue their repressions of their
citizens, rather than an influence to democratize that nation.  Why
should the Chinese Communist Party give up their firm hold on power
when the world's leading democracy assists them in jailing political
dissidents who dare speak out against the Chinese Communist Party?  Or
when Google agrees to censor their search engine to block references
to the truth about Tienanmen Square?  If I was China's leader, I would
quietly smile to myself thinking how successful China has been in
compromising the democratic idealism of the USA in gaining their
complicity in maintaining the Socialist Communists hold on power!  All
the Chinese Communist Party must do to continue its dictatorial hold
on power is assure the American capitalists that they can make a
killing off the cheap labor and other competitive advantages China
offers.  Then the USA will not take a firm stand against China's human
rights abuses beyond meaningless propaganda statements.
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