[Vision2020] Feminine ship names

Kai Eiselein fotopro63 at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 23 12:55:34 PST 2007

A while back, Nick made a statement about ships having feminine names, yet women weren't allowed to skipper them. 
I may have an answer as to the "why" of feminine names.
At one time it was considered bad luck to sail with a female or a priest or a priest aboard. Sailors thought their presense angered the sea gods.
At the same time, it was thought that a naked woman would calm those same gods. This is why we see topless female figureheads on the bows of old sailing vessels. With the figurehead, women and priests could be put aboard and the crew would be reassured.
It wouldn't really make sense to name a ship "Fred" with a carving of a naked women leading the ship, would it?
On a side note, if you've never sailed on salt water, do so if you ever get the chance. There is nothing to compare to the wind in your face, the sound of water hissing along the hull, the spray cooling you on a hot day and watching dolphins racing alongside.
Its the most fun you'll ever have at 12 mph.
(Just reminiscing about the many happy hours/days of sailing my grandfather's boat out of Marina Del Rey in California)
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