[Vision2020] Owners of Old Peking Restaurant Lose Everything

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My heart goes out to the Tran Family. Old Peking is a great place to eat, with a great atmosphere. I can only hope that our community will help this fine family out. I know I will visit American West Bank for a donation, even though I know little of them. 

My prayers go out to the Tran family.


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> Subject: [Vision2020] Owners of Old Peking Restaurant Lose Everything
> Dear Vision2020 Members,
> Loan and Vinh Tran, the owners of the Old Peking Restaurant, lost
> everything in a house fire on November 15th.  I have only been in
> Moscow 10 years, but every time that I go into Old Peking I feel
> blessed by the warmth and hospitality of Loan and Vinh.  They are good
> people, and they need our help.
> Dr. Debra McKinnon set up a fund for Loan and Vinh Tran at American
> West Bank, 600 W. Jackson (882-0809).  Please, everyone, contribute
> what you can.
> Chas Warren
> P.S. As if the fire wasn't bad enough, Loan's mother was seriously
> injured in a car accident a few days ago.  All of her important
> documents were destroyed in the fire, so flying back to Vietnam will
> be another traumatic hurdle.  Everyone who prays, please pray for her.
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