[Vision2020] Things That Make You Go "Hmmm"

Ralph Nielsen nielsen at uidaho.edu
Thu Dec 13 10:06:43 PST 2007

Here is some more on Huckabee and Grant.

 > "I didn't get into politics because I thought
 > government had a better
 > answer. I got into politics because I knew
 > government didn't have the
 > real answers, that the real answers lie in accepting
 > Jesus Christ into
 > our lives...I hope we answer the alarm clock and
 > take this nation back
 > for Christ."
 > Source:
 > But wait, there's more! Additional Huckabee spewings
 > for those
 > interested (but not really :)

Tom Hansen thansen at moscow.com
Wed Dec 12 07:21:53 PST 2007

In 1998, a book entitled "Kids Who Kill: Confronting Our Culture of
Violence" was co-authored by Mike Huckabee (yes, the presidential  
and George Grant (yes, the "League of the South" George Grant)


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