[Vision2020] Civility is a two-way street

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Ok Gary, you don't have to do anything you don't want to do.
 Though we both know that your a good fellow at the core. You can be just as mean and rotten as you wish. Be warned, if your going to use over-inflated rhetoric to bully the other members for their sensitivities. From here on out, I'm going to be on you like stink on you know what.
 You mistreated Ted, you know it. He deserves better than a shine it on reaction, and you know it.

I would love to be able to say how sorry I am that certain elements on this list find what I post to be objectionable. I would love to be able to proclaim that I will restrain my "boorish" impulses and not post items which cause discomfort and anguish for those I disagree with. I would like to claim that I would enjoy nothing more then to have this list be the peaceful refuge of the local philosophy departments and their spawn, a friendly place where seldom is heard a conservative word and a place where outlandish assertions are not questioned all day. I'd love to tell you all of these happy and wonderful things but it just wouldn't be true there simply isn't any chance in hell of it happening.
My deepest condolences,
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>> Nick wrote:>> I think Ted Moffett's postings on the Vision are some of the most> civil,>> best written, and thoroughly researched work I've read on this list.>  > > I couldn't agree more Nick.  This is why I would rather not see Ted mix> it up with the likes of Gary.  When I referred to Gary as a> street fighter in a previous post I wasn't equating this with ghetto gangs /> power / dominance, I was referring to his style of virtually throwing a bucket> of marbles on the floor in the hopes that you all start slip-sliding on them.> > Also, when I equate Gary to a "master debater" this isn't exactly intended> as a compliment even though it may appear to come across that way to> the more civil members of this list.> >> I contrast Ted's posts with one that Crabtree did on comparative> violence>> in Christianity and Islam.  It was one paragraph long, gave no> references,>> and yet he, after many objections, still stood by his> unsupported claims.  > > I don't have a specific memory of this exchange and I delete a heck of a lot> of posts, but it doesn't surprise me.  Most of the time Gary shoots from the hip.> >> And then there is the incivility, which for me places him beyond the> pale>> with the Wilsonistas, whom he supports in a knee-jerk way.> > Gary is boorish in cyberspace.  Please avoid him whenever possible.  Also,> my read is that he doesn't support Wilsonistas per se, although he does> challenge some of the more outlandish claims made against Christ Churchers> and Doug Wilson on this list and it's a good thing at least someone does.> >> Keep up the good work, Ted.> > Ditto> >> Nick Gier> > -Scott Dredge> =======================================================> List services made available by First Step Internet, > serving the communities of the Palouse since 1994.   >               http://www.fsr.net                       >          mailto:Vision2020 at moscow.com> =======================================================> > > > =======================================================> List services made available by First Step Internet, > serving the communities of the Palouse since 1994.   >               http://www.fsr.net                       >          mailto:Vision2020 at moscow.com> =======================================================> 
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