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While a lot of Wilson's tactics are reprehensible, you have to admit that some of the results are downright impressive.  Take the latest example of getting one of his own take on the role as "the fall guy":


It's brilliant!  It acknowledges some unfortunate inadvertent errors, contains an apology, and best of all it completely and unequivocally absolves Doug Wilson of any involvement whatsoever - leaving Doug's remarkable and almost unprecedented streak of never having made a mistake in his life still intact!
And the real bonus to all of this is that the dupes on the other side are actually buying it.

I can't even count the number of times I've needed just one of my employees to take hit a for me and it's never happened.  The closest I got was several years ago when I was caught up in product failure at a customer site.  Our customer was concerned about the quality of our products.  As luck would have it, one of my employees who played a very tiny role in the development submitted a 2 week notice to me as he was moving on to work at another company.  Thinking quickly, I asked him if it would be OK if we told the customer that we traced back the failure and that "the employee was no longer with the company".  Further, I told him I would send out a memo to the rest of the department saying that he had 
"decided to leave to pursue personal interests".  My employee was a little concerned that his reputation might be a bit tarnished in the industry if anyone connected the dots about the company line of the product failure coinciding with his voluntary departure, but he was willing to agree to the plan if we were willing to kick in a $20000 exit bonus (which at the time was an almost incomprehensible amount of money).  So...I went to my management team and told them that I had thought of a great idea all by myself and that I would gracefully get us out of this mess by volunteering to take full responsibility and agreeing to leave the company in exchange for a bag full of money.  Ultimately, that idea was rejected and we simply debugged and fixed the problem, fully disclosed what went wrong and why, explained what process changes we had put in place to ensure the same mistake would be prevented in the future, and enjoyed continued business with one of our
 better customers.


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I have talked with former Christ Church members who 
have suffered severe emotional and economic pain when they decided to break with 
the Church.  Their message to me was that Wilson demands obedience and 
those who cross him are humiliated, ostracized, and boycotted.  

Yes, boycotted.  Their business relationships 
with other Christ Church members are ended.

Compare that with the recent whining from 
Wilson and Atwood about a potential boycott by Moscow residents of local 
stores owned by Church members.  Wilson, Atwood, et al are disgusted by the 
threat of a boycott of stores owned by Church members in good 
standing.  However, Wilson, Atwood and the rest of the Church 
administration are very willing to boycott those who leave the 


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  Monday, November 19, 2007
  Part I 
  Please meet Patrick Poole, a man of whom Douglas Wilson said, "I have known Mr. Poole to act with integrity in the 
  past," and who is a friend of mine. I know Pat well enough to guess that he 
  probably does not want to get dragged back into Kult Kombat, but I must invoke 
  his testimony (for a short period) as my first witness for the reason why I 
  conceal my identity.

In February 2006, Patrick posted a couple of 
  hard-hitting essays critical of Doug Wilson and the CREC on his blog, and less 
  than a week later he uploaded this post, which he has since removed. 
  Nevertheless, his testimony stands:

Kutting My Losses on the Kirk 
The time has come for me to cry uncle. I must say "no 
    mas" to the Wilsonistas. They have won. At this point in time, I cannot 
    continue to endure the Wilsonistas harassment jihad that has now 
    spread to my friends, my clients, and my church in the wake of my posts over 
    the past week. Some are also trolling for dirt on me for what I can only 
    assume would be the basis for ad hominem attacks to avoid answering 
    the very direct questions I've put to the Great Leader. In the final 
    analysis, there are just simply too many Wilsonistas starting fires for me 
    to possibly contemplate putting them all out. I must call it quits and admit 
    defeat before they try to burn down everything around me. I must confess 
    that I greatly underestimated how quickly they have acted. I guess what I 
    wrote hit too close to home.

Could it be that this harassment 
    jihad launched by Doug Wilson's apologists and lackeys against me is 
    entirely unorganized and is in no way connected to the Sultan of 
    Subjectivity? That very well might be the case. I certainly don't have any 
    iron-clad evidence that it is an orchestrated effort. But if that's the 
    case, there is certainly a culture of venom and malice that has been allowed 
    to flourish around the Kirk Kult, with the use of destructive and 
    unchristian methods nourished and justified by the writings and sermons of 
    the Bhagwan himself under the guise of "Trinitarian skylarking" and "the 
    serrated edge." Honestly, the harassment would be more tolerable if the 
    Wilsonistas were in reality as funny or as witty as they believe themselves 
    to be (but aren't).

In retrospect, the fault is entirely my own. I 
    knew what I was getting into. I thrust my hand into the viper's nest and got 
    bit. Shame on me. As Blind Willy Johnson used to sing, "Nobody's Fault But 

But what the Wilsonistas won't admit is that IT IS a viper's 
    nest that they are a part of. The politics of personal destruction I've 
    encountered (and my friends and associates have experienced for the crime of 
    being associated with me) at the hands of the Kirk Kult in recent days is 
    standard practice for the Wilsonistas and their Great Leader. Just ask Terry 
    Morin, who dared speak out and had his company suffer at the hands of the 
    Wilsonistas because of it. But even more important than any financial 
    repercussions was the deliberate damage done to Terry's reputation by the 
    false witness and trumped-up charges filed against him by Doug Wilson and 
    the elders of Kirk Kult, charges that were only withdrawn only because the 
    Great Leader's documents were shown to be forgeries on the unanimous 
    testimony of everyone else involved. Thankfully, Terry had his church to 
    examine Wilson's lies and clear his name. Others that have tried to escape 
    the Kirk orbit have not been so lucky.

I realize that any pain and 
    suffering I might have endured at the hands of the Wilsonistas during this 
    very brief affair is minimal compared to what others have experienced. I 
    know; I've heard from many of the Wilson-wounded over the past week. I 
    suspect why so many of the "fellowship of the grievance" have gravitated to me is 
    because I expressed in my two posts from two thousand miles away what they 
    have had to live through in real life day to day. They maybe believed that I 
    identified with them because I was willing to say publicly that the drug 
    dens at New St. Andrews, the illegal Kirk elder-approved casinos and the documented payoffs 
    involved, which are just a normal part of the landscape of WilsonWorld, is a 
    demonstration of a thoroughly corrupt culture — all of which is lost on the 
    Wilsonistas and the Wilson apologists. It's clear that they don't care. 
    Having been in the PCA for almost 15 years, I can't remember a single 
    instance of a troubled church having these kinds of problems, which seem to 
    be so commonplace in the Kirk.

In closing, I appreciate that I've 
    been warmly welcomed in as a member of the "fellowship of the grievance." It 
    is a badge of honor. These are kind and sincere Christian people, and I feel 
    like I'm abandoning them to the furies of the Wilsonistas by my rapid 
    retreat, perhaps even encouraging further abuse. They will be the one's left 
    to clean up the shattered lives when the Kirk Kult reaches its inevitable 
    end. When that day comes, I suspect that they will exhibit extraordinary 
    grace and charity, never once thinking to say, "I told you so." May God 
    bless them for continuing to bear up.

With that said, this will be my 
    last post on the matter.
A local columnist wrote a follow-up article to 
  Patrick's piece, which you can read here, and please notice Douglas Wilson's comment; he wrote: 
  "Joan, could you help me out here? Who is Patrick Poole? I am a little behind 
  the curve." Of course, Wilson was lying because the only thing that happened 
  between that comment, dated February 26, 2006, and this comment, dated June 15, 2007, is the passing of time. 
  In fact, Patrick nailed Wilson several more times from another blog (which I 
  commend only as far as it comments on Wilson, Moscow, and the CREC).

  at one time Wilson pretends he has no knowledge of Patrick Poole, and at 
  another he declares him a man of integrity. Patrick, however, is not a man 
  easily flattered. He replied to Wilson's sweet talk with this comment. I for one am thankful for Patrick's integrity. 

In Part II I will provide more testimony from local witnesses 
  whom Wilson and his goons attempted to silence through bullying harassment. 
  It's just more of the same, only the names are different. But the lesson I 
  would have you learn from Patrick Poole's testimony is that if you want to 
  criticize Wilson in public, you better not give him any handles such as your 
  name. Witness Patrick Poole. After all, Douglas Wilson says that he is a man 
  of integrity.

Thank you.

POST SCRIPT: Very shortly I will 
  pull Patrick's essay out of respect for him. I will not drag him back into 
  this; I am sure he's had enough. I post it because his testimony is 
Posted by Mark T. at  10:40 


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