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Subject: Fw: UI - 1909 historic barn at Genesee being torn down

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Subject: UI - 1909 historic barn at Genesee being torn down

Could you please explain the rationale in tearing down a historical barn built in 1909 with a renovated roof that probably cost in excess of $20,000 at the UI Genesee Farm?  With all the matching historical grants it would seem that this barn could be renovated for equipment storage, vehicle storage, and/or a place to work on processing samples from field plots.  I don’t imagine the expense to tear it down is small and it certainly does not appear to be in a state of disrepair.  This seems to be the mind set of the UI to spend money unnecessarily, i.e. painting water towers for $135,000 and three ad campaigns to the tune of $1.8 million dollars since 2004 (?).  If UI wants the communities and State’s support, I can tell you tearing down a historical barn or building is not the way to win friends and financial support, in my opinion.   I guess it belongs to the UI and they can do what they want with it, but they obviously do not value historical buildings.  It would be th!
 e same if
they were tearing down the UI Administration Building.  Haven't they spent some funds to keep that historic?

We tried to purchase that property in the early 1980’s and were #3 on the list.  A young school teacher at Genesee with up front down money from her parents, were able to purchase the property for $114,000.  It was not two years later and they sold it to the UI-CALS at an undisclosed price, but according to the school teacher an offer they could not turn down.   Our interest was not in the house, but the BARN and the property.  Our family has raised horses, sheep and goats on a small acreage located in the Genesee city limits.  Our children did do very well on our 2.5 acres and received scholarships in FFA and 4-H, but that property has always had a historical value to many Genesee people as well as us.  We knew Fred Commick and his wife personally, that owned the property.  They worked and farmed that land all their lives.  They celebrated their 76th wedding anniversary before there was trouble.  Anyway I do not like to see history burned up and/or torn down like the barn!
 .  Check
out the sign on the front with the 1909 date.  In just a little over one year it would have been 100 years old.   

It sure seems funny that decisions are made without any input from the community or individuals in the area.  Its a secret until the project has started.  Did anyone ask the community or anyone for input and help to obtain funds that may have been needed?  The Dahamen Barn at Uniontown was not in the shape this barn was in before they started tearing it down.  I think that more input from others would be a wise decision and something that would give the University good press and a positive appearance.  Thanks for your help.  

Anita Falen
Genesee, Idaho

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