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It may be too late, but I would still like to try. They have some cranes out there now and are removing some siding. The barn was built in 1909 and has been featured in a calendar of historic barns. Tom Stroschien is going to call Dean Hammel. The DN is going to send out a crew to take pictures and write a story. Could you do the same. I will be talking to the new Genesee Parks and Recreation District to see if they could help find some grants. I have a call in to Karen Owsley of the Latah Historical Preservation Commission. I would appreciate it if everyone who can, would call Dean Hammel 885-6681, Don Thill 885-6214 and Ding Johnson 885-6277 and get them to hold off for a while. Let see if we can get some funding to preserve the barn.
I think that there is still hope if enough people will get involved.


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> Roger,
> According to a conversation I had a few days ago about the barn that burned down near Potlatch, the commission tried to save that barn near Genesee, but wasn't able to come to an agreement with the owner.
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