[Vision2020] Atwood Responds

nickgier at adelphia.net nickgier at adelphia.net
Tue Dec 4 01:07:48 PST 2007

Hi Scott,

Sorry I did not append this previously.  Here is Atwood's response to me.

Nick, I have not interacted with you in recent years because your blind prejudices have led you to distort and twist the truth, however obvious, in any way that would hurt Doug Wilson and people and things associated with him. As you have admitted many times on your own blog, you also have an abiding, lifelong prejudice against evangelical Christianity. More recently, you have campaigned to discredit NSA, written mutliple letters trying to block our accreditation, posted absurd accusations on your blog, and even called or implied that most of us are either Taliban or Neo Nazis (in Boise's Idaho Statesman, no less).

As a former professor at a research university, you have failed to exercise due diligence in your rush to judgment. Every time I tried to suggest an alternative understanding to your claims, you twisted and distorted what I have said. So I saw little point in continuing our interactions.

But if you can demonstrate a genuine interest in the truth more than a willingness to pursue ax-grinding, I'd be interested in talking again. But as your many letters to the editor and comments above suggest, I don't think there is muchI could say that would dissuade you of your deeply held and longstanding prejudices. If you truly believe you are open and genuinely interested in pursing the truth wherever it leads, then I'd be willing to have another go at a conversation with you. But that will take some convincing given your history of animosity and prejudice toward Christ Church, Doug Wilson and NSA.

If you're really interested in pursuing this further, then I'd suggest an offline exchange.

Hope springs eternal.

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