[Vision2020] shoveling snow into the road

Paul Rumelhart godshatter at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 2 19:19:16 PST 2007

I'm getting a bit ticked off when driving around after or during a 
snowfall, only to find big piles of snow that I have to navigate through 
that someone piled in the road by snowblowing their driveway.  Are we 
actually supposed to be doing that?  Just let the city take care of it?  
It seems a bit dangerous to me.

If I was in my old rear-wheel drive car, I would have had trouble 
navigating through the pile that covered the west lane of Mountain View 
by the intersection with White Avenue earlier today.  It looks to me 
like the owner of the apartment building there on the corner dumped a 
bunch of snow into the road.

I'd rather not get stuck because someone doesn't want to take up a 
parking space or ruin their perfect lawn.


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