[Vision2020] Civility is a 2-way street.

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How is the Kirk double standard going to change Saundra?  It's a rigged system.  Right now we have Doug Wilson belly aching that no charges were ever brought against his partner in crime Steve Wilkins and that some higher up organization called the SJC is now railroading Wilkins.  Now what do you think would possibly happen if someone actually brought charges?  No doubt that they would be jettisoned (just like Michael Metzler was for bringing charges) right out the corrupt church by the corrupt church leaders who would with straight faces say that no charges were ever brought up in the first place.  Again, it's all very humorous to watch a blow hard like Doug Wilson trying to save his crumbling power base while simultaneously pissing off (by pissing on) his former allies.


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Well, I hate to intrude, but I think y’all have missed another
important point.


When a Kirker like Doug Farris or Dale Courtney or Dave
Glasebrook or even Roy Atwood (with his fantasy claim the Snooze was stupid
enough to print) says or does something shameful and utterly offensive, the shrill
whining starts about how UNFAIR it is to blame Wilson or the elders or others
in the church hierarchy for the bad behavior of individuals members.


However, when . . . say . . . I post something they don’t
like, not only am I responsible for what I write (or say or do), but so, too,
is every single individual they want to lump into their repugnant “Intolerista”


Sadly, some things never change, and the Kirk’s reprehensible
double-standard clearly seems to be one of those things.



Saundra Lund

Moscow, ID


The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good
people to do nothing.

~ Edmund Burke


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Good points, Scott.  Carl Westberg Jr.

Date: Sun, 2 Dec 2007 12:55:16 -0800

From: sdredge at yahoo.com

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Are you just trying to start trouble?  Or are you serious when you're
asking for a rational reason behind Doug Farris' irrational behavior?  In
the perfect world that Doug Farris envisions in his own twisted mind, he would
be executed or exiled for carrying on these types of antics.

If Roy Atwood wants civility, maybe he should have a talk with Doug Wilson who
is a master at inflaming and dividing all sorts of people including those in
his own church and denomination.  If you want some great entertainment,
just go to Doug Wilson's blog as well the Green Bagginses blog.  Here's an
amusing entry. "The hateful comments that I have had to delete have,
without exception (well, not counting the pornographic spam from Brazil that I
imagine every blog gets), been from folks who have self-identified as Doug
Wilson supporters."


Can you imagine Doug Wilson's supporters posting hateful comments???  Who
would have thunk it with the "perfect standard" that he and his ilk
claim to follow?


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Subject: RE: [Vision2020] Civility is a 2-way street.

If true, one must simply ask why?  What is the purpose?  Carl
Westberg Jr.

Date: Sun, 2 Dec 2007 11:54:32

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It was HeirDoug posing as a
woman on v2020.  He posted nearly the same lame comment at the nearly the
same time on Dale's blog at this link:


Gary was once again an innocent bystander on this site caught in the crossfire.


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