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Why don't you consider sending these messages off-list and directly to your target?  It's not a great idea to share this slow-motion car wreck with the rest of us.


Date: Sat, 1 Dec 2007 17:39:13 -0800
From: vigilante2day at gmail.com
To: vision2020 at moscow.com
Subject: [Vision2020] Posers

dear mr. *, 

game on!  And i don't mean from in the bushes, you sneviling, snot-nosed, wobbly-kneed, prick!  Out in the open, toe-to-toe, mano-e-mano.  Oooopppsss....forgot.  you prefer to pick on women and children.  Well, this time you have no choice.  Do try to make a good show of it, will you?  After you put down your apron.

And yes, I do "know you personally but I know of you" -  too.


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