[Vision2020] Civility is a 2-way street.

Scott Dredge sdredge at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 1 14:55:29 PST 2007

No doubts from me Gary.  The jford imposter is a cyber sex-changed HeirDoug.


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Please be assured that I am not.  I have never, to 
the best of my knowledge, written anything that I did not attach my real 
name to, be it for the Daily News, Right Mind, Palousitics, Blog and Mablog, 
Vision 2020 or any other venue. I dislike anonymous posting and I think that 
usurping another's identity is worse. I may on occasion try to be funny (and 
fail) but it will always be above my own mark.  I defy Ms. Ford to present 
so much as the tiniest shred of proof to back up her baseless 


g (ary crabtree) 30 November at 2:27 P.M.

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Once again, Gary Crabtree is trying to be funny - ha 

Again, people I am NOT JFord (35) so please be aware that Gary 
  Crabtee is the person behind these fake e-mails.


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Maybe Dr. Atwood should have just 
    offered to punch everyone in the nose.

J :]

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    Campbell" joekc at adelphia.net
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    OFFLINE: [Vision2020] Re: David Horowitz [A gift to Ed] Was: A sad dayin 
You don't know what the hell you are talking about. I asked you a 
Do you know of one f--king person who is a 
    polygomist fighting for the right to marry? Answer: No, you don't! Whether 
    you do or not, I certainly don't know anyone who is a polygomist who is 
    fighting for the right to marry. I know several gays and lesbians who are 
    fighting for the right to marry. And so I bet do you! That accounts for the 
    relevant difference.
Before you insult me on-line again make sure 
    you know what you are talking about or I will come to your place of work and 
    punch you right in the nose.

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