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Ellen (and the rest of the Vizzz peeps),
Your stories of dealing with the 911 service cause me great concern.
I've recently joined the Moscow Volunteer Fire Department's Ambulance
Company.  I know we try our darnedest to respond to a call as soon as
possible.  Being a completely volunteer service, sometimes that's hard
to do.  The situations you describe would NOT be tolerated today, from
what I know of the Ambulance Company.  Of course, my association with
the Company goes back just over 5 years to when my Delicate Flower
became an EMT.  Having seen the need for more Emergency Medical Service,
this prompted me to become an EMT as well, beginning January 2007.  
In my limited recent experience, I know that when we are dispatched the
police are dispatched as well. Usually they arrive first, and nowadays I
believe they all have "first responder" training.  Also dispatched would
be a Fire Department engine, usually with first responders and sometimes
an EMT or two.  None of these have the ability to transport, though, but
they can help gather vital signs and history of the patient so when the
ambulance arrives transport can be expedited.
The one thing I don't think a lot of people (especially new citizens of
Moscow) realize is that our Fire Department and Ambulance Company are
totally volunteer.  Please forgive our seemingly long response times, as
we are responding from our jobs, our homes, family dinners, and even the
depths of slumber for fire and ambulance calls.  I'm not trying to make
excuses, as I am extremely proud to be a member of such a fine
organization that saves our taxpayers' money by being volunteers.  It
feels good to be a part of something that is so professional, yet who's
members don't accept a dime in payment.
Thanks for your time

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Today I stopped by the Moscow Hotel thinking I might grab a bite to eat
at Archies.  I am so sad to see they have closed their doors and the
restaurant is for rent.
Two weeks ago I was in Seattle and I read the postings to V2020 about
the protests in Friendship Square, otherwise I wouldn't have a clue
about a possible reason for closing.
I hate to see them leave.  I enjoyed every meal I ate there. . .
breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I always brought someone with me and
everyone agreed that Archies was an asset to downtown.  I know the "out
to lunch bunch" looked forward to their visits to Archies.  What a sad
There's been a lot of discussion lately about Moscow. . . . it's growth,
the health and vitality of it's businesses, even having potential
businesses pass some type of scrutiny by City Council before being
allowed to open their doors and "nuisanse businesses" being shut down
for over usage of police services.  For the most part, those who are
participating in these discussions are not business owners.  You are
users, not providers.  
Understand I am not a very PC person who is up on all the latest PC
jargon. . . it changes all the time.  So I will say "sorry" ahead of
time.  I do not mean to offend but I have something to say.
Moscow has problems.  I find it ironic that Archies closed their doors
because a group of people took offense at the alleged treatment of a
person with some type of physical, mental or emotional challenge.
Maybe you just don't know what kind of city you actually live in.  Let
me clue you in.   As a business owner I was approached by the MPD and
asked if I would like a certain challenged person barred from my
restaurant.  I said no. . . I did not find him to be a problem.  All he
wanted was a quiet place to drink his coffee and smoke.  We allowed
smoking in the front room in those days.  They asked me if he paid for
his coffee and I said yes. . . because he did.  The only "problem" was
his seizures.  That is not his fault. . . and the reality is ALL of us
are only one fall away of being in the same boat.   One time my customer
had a seizure, fell off the bar stool and hit his head hard. . . I did
what most business owners would do under like circumstances and called
911.  When help arrived I thought they were rather rough in rousing him
but then I was shocked when I was told to "never call them again" for
this individual because they would not respond.  I had never heard of
such a thing and they said this loud enough that one of my customers
waiting for a to go pizza heard them say it to me.  She seemed quite
upset and I thought it because she had just witnessed the seizure and
the arrival of police and medics.  I apologized for the fuss and she
told me she was upset at what I was told. . . that a family member had
epilepsy and she hoped they were never treated like this if they had a
seizure in public.  I never barred this man from my establishment like
others in this town did.  I watched as he was hog-tied and thrown into
the back of a patrol car because he "trespassed" at another nearby
establishment. I even posted bail for him. . . and he had me paid back
in full within an hour of his release.   I can't even say that about
some of my "friends".  Maybe some of you will say an owner has the
right. . . and then I think of Archies. . . and then I don't understand
any of it.
There was occasion to call 911 again for a different person. . . a young
man in a motorized wheelchair.  His chair got stuck in racing mode and
he hit my dumpster in the alley, hit a tree, nearly went off into sixth
street traffic and ended up in the bushes at the offices next door with
the wheelchair on top of him.  I thought there was a good possibility of
broken bones and it was obvious the wheelchair was no longer safe
transportation.  Did I get a response to my call?  Well, silly me. . .
wasn't I told they wouldn't respond to my address.  Thank heavens he was
only scratched and scared.  I ended up calling the pharmacy that handles
the purchase/rental of these wheelchairs and they came right out to
assist him.  It was long after I found another solution that a lone cop
car came to the front of Gambino's and parked.  It was obvious he had
taken his time. . stopped for a car wash on the way over.  The water was
still beaded up on the car.  I didn't wait for him to get out of his
car. . . I walked over a told him through the window that he wasn't
needed.  I handled the situation myself.  Then I composed a letter to
the Chief because I was REALLY angry.  He replied in a timely manner.
Said he was out of town at the time this happened and he'd look into
matters.  Hope he did.
I began to wonder if this happens to others.  I also wondered if I was
flagged in some manner. . . .was it the address on sixth street or the
name Roskovich? You get a little paranoid, but you don't want to take
any chances either.  Well, once when my late husband had a heart attack
at home I didn't call 911 and wait around to see.  Our son carried him
to the car and drove while I called Gritman to let them know that a
heart patient was coming in with chest pains.  By the time I arrived at
Gritman,  they were already talking about getting him flown up to
I have nothing but admiration for the doctors, nurses and quality of
care at Gritman.  But getting there can be tricky.  I hope others never
have to go through what I went through when my elderly mother had a
nasal hemorrhage.  It was another time when Don was in Spokane
hospitalized with his heart. . . .the phone rang around 5:00 a.m. and
you just  know it's not going to be good.  But instead of a nurse, I had
my mother on the phone and she sounded scared out of her wits.  I went
right over to find her with a bathtowel to her face, drenched in blood.
It was difficult for her to talk or breathe. It was dark, icy and I had
no choice but to call 911 for help.   We waited and finally I could see
lights coming up Cherry St. hill.  It turned out to be one police
officer who came into the apartment and promptly sat himself down on my
mother's sofa and made himself comfortable.  I just wanted to GO!  He
was very pleasant. . . he took out a notepad and a pen  and asked for
her name.  I answered for her.  He wrote it down.  I just want to go,
NOW!  Next, he asks my almost 80 year old mother "are you a student at
the U of I" and I heard her say "no, I'm too old" from behind a blood
soaked towel.  THAT DID IT!  I asked him point blank if the ambulance
was on it's way.  He told me NO. . .he was there to assess the situation
and determine if there was a medical necessity for dispatch of the
ambulance.  At that point I got my mother's coat, told the officer he
would no longer be needed once he helped me get my mother down the icy
steps and into my car.  I wasn't going to waste another precious minute.
Once I got my mother into the emergency room I had the opportunity to
ask the doctor on duty if the Moscow P.D. have been given the medical
training and knowledge to assess emergencies such as this and she told
me NO.  I told her that I thought she should let the board know about
this because they were setting themselves up for a potential lawsuit
sometime in the future.  Have things changed. . . I sure hope so. . .
don't you?  I do know that I needed to call 911 toward the end of Don's
illness and the response time was great.  But only a short two years
earlier it left a lot to be desired.
So, "J :)" now you know why I got a little bent when you raised the
question yesterday about "nuisance businesses" who take up time and
resources of city services.  But I shut up before I said too much.  But
heck. . .maybe you all need to learn about the problems associated with
running a business in this town. The town really can't change or move
forward unless people speak up and everyone understands what they are
working towards.
I don't know if anyone would want to try and put a restaurant in
Archie's spot.  What a shame we lost them. . . and it's so much more
important and far reaching in our business community than who's buying
kitty litter at Wal-Mart.
Ellen Roskovich


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