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Tom Hansen thansen at moscow.com
Sat Sep 30 08:31:40 PDT 2006

>From today's (September 30, 2006) Moscow-Pullman Daily News with a very
special thanks to Pastor Roger Lynn -


Not all Christians share view 

In his Sept. 23 column, Ed Iverson once again shines his black and white
flashlight on the world. It is probably too much to ask him to recognize
that not all Christians share his views. But when he makes statements which
imply that we all agree, I must protest. 

At the very least I hope that those who read his words will understand that
his views do not represent all Christians. For example, he writes, "Do
Christians . denounce homosexual marriage?" I suspect he thinks the answer
is (or at least should be) yes. 

Let me state as clearly as possible that the answer is no, not all
Christians denounce homosexual marriage. Many of us have a very different
understanding of how to read and interpret scripture regarding this matter. 

My own view is that the God of Love rejoices whenever and wherever genuine
love and commitment are expressed. In the words of singer/songwriter Michael
Tomlinson, "God doesn't care who we love, just that we do." I'm quite
certain nothing I have to say regarding this important issue will change Ed
Iverson's mind, but hopefully others will be able to recognize that he does
not speak for all of us. 

Pastor Roger Lynn, Moscow


Seeya round town, Moscow.

Tom Hansen
Vandalville, Idaho


"If the law is to be respected it must first be respectable.  There will
never be respect for our laws without enforcement, equal enforcement."

- dick Sherwin (May 3, 2006)


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