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Roomer has it that Brutus is getting away with abusing Olive Oil because Popeye says, " Oy can't eat em' spinach".

Saundra <Saundra_2003 at adelphia.net> wrote:  Visionaries,

I'm passing this along in case any of the issues discussed are of interest.
Included are very easy ways (other than for Crapo, but even his method is
pretty painless) to let your voice be heard if you wish.

Saundra Lund
Moscow, ID

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do
- Edmund Burke

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Dear Saundra,

Lawmakers will soon hit the campaign trail, hoping for your vote in
November, and they will be talking a lot about security. And yet, some of
the ID theft bills under consideration actually make us less secure. 

Simple, common sense reforms can prevent thieves from opening new credit
accounts in our good names. These reforms make each one of us more
secure--and by doing so make us all more secure. Consumers Union is making a
pre-election push to support privacy legislation. Tell lawmakers today to
make strong identity protections a priority, both on the campaign trail and
when they return to Washington.

Thank you,
Minerva Novoa,
Internet Advocacy Coordinator  

E.Coli in Spinach: Protect food safety laws News that more than 150 people
have fallen ill from fresh spinach contaminated with E. coli bacteria
highlights the need for the government to do MORE to protect the safety of
our food. But Congress instead proposes to do away with more than 200
critical state laws that protect the safety of our food. Tell your Senators
to oppose the Food Uniformity bill.

Fix the broken drug safety system! 
A blue-ribbon panel of doctors and scientists--The Institute of
Medicine--just released a scathing report on our nation's drug safety
system, and urged major changes to fix our broken system. Several bipartisan
bills sitting in Congress do just that but they haven't had hearings. Tell
Congress to stand up to the pharmaceutical industry and pass strong drug
safety legislation now.

FCC covers up publicly funded reports
The Federal Communications Commission is reported to have either destroyed
or hidden at least two studies that would have undermined the FCC's
reasoning for loosening media ownership rules. Tell the FCC such underhanded
tactics are unacceptable. We need independent media!

You took to the streets!  
More than 400,000 strong, you became a movement and you saw results. This
year you passed strong identity theft reforms in more than a dozen states,
and helped end the secrecy surrounding dangerous hospital-acquired
infections. Thanks to you, millions living in California can look forward to
lower prescription drug prices. Your visits to lawmakers' offices at home
and in D.C., your calls, letters and emails, and your passion for these
important goals made the difference!    

Free report on overactive bladder medications You've probably seen the TV
commercials -- "Gotta go right now" -- advertising the latest prescription
drugs to treat overactive bladder. But you may not know that none of the
five medications to treat the condition are any more effective than the
others. Consumer Reports Best Buy Drugs' latest free report on overactive
bladder medications gives you the truth.

Your Privacy for Sale Consumer Reports investigates data brokers and
suggests tighter protections needed for your ID.
Spinach E. coli: Consumer Reports tells you what to do.

Check out the new blog, the "Daily Dose for Reform." Get the latest news on
the fight for safer and more affordable medications! Blog now!

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