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"Nick Gier, Supporting the Troops but Rejecting the Phony War on Terror"

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nickgier at adelphia.net wrote:  Hail to the Vision:

Today  NPR proved once again that it is best source for high quality news. I  just heard an interview with Prof. Robert Pape of the University of  Chicago, who has studied 462 suicide bombings world-wide. You can tune  in at http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=6161034

He  offered expert testimony to the intell agencies that put together the  recent leaked report. He says that he spends up to three hours at a  time with these people, carefully going over the data and conclusions  of his research. He said he likes these sessions because they are  totally non-partisan. After the interview he was on his way to talk to  Special Forces at Fort Brag.

The results of his research are  stunning. First, over half the suicide bombers are Tamil Tiger rebels  in Sri Lanka. These are Hindus and Christians who want more autonomy in  the Northern and Eastern parts of the country. Their motivations are  socio-economic not religious. You can read my own assessment of this  crisis at www.class.uidaho.edu/ngier/slrv.htm. The Tamil Tigers have  been vicious, but militant Buddhists are just as bad.

Second, 95  percent of the bombers have the political goal of removing an occupying  army. This is the case in Lebanon, Chechnya, Soviet-occupied  Afghanistan, and US-occupied Iraq. In 1983 Hezbollah suicide bombers  rammed a Marine barracks in Beruit, killing 283 soldiers. That really  tough US president, I think it was Ronald Reagan, immediately pulled  our troops out. Prof. Pape claims that this victory proved to Hezbollah  that this tactic could work against an occupying power, even the most  powerful in the world.

Third, anti-American suicide attacks are  "off the chart" because of our invasion of Iraq. Pape warned the Bush  administration that they were wrong in assuming that since Iraq was a  secular state there would be no motivations for insurgents. Bush and  his neocons were wrong. 

What the Sunnis and Shias are fighting  for is control of their country. Since American troops are so well  protected, the insurgents attack police stations and army recruiting  and training sites. I've always thought that if an alien force took  over the US, it would be only a matter of time before our own suicide  bombers would start their attacks.

Nick Gier, Supporting the Troops but Rejecting the Phony War on Terror

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