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I have some reservations on a value added tax, as it mushrooms the price if an item goes through four or five levels of processing. I think it would be ideal to tax only at the end use level. I grant that  there is problems with this, as there may be several places where an item may be consumed. This may be a loop hole that may allow people to avoid the tax. A value added tax may be the only way to ensure every body pays even though it mushrooms the cost.

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> I agree, Mr. falen -
> In fact I brought this up a couple times over the past couple years here on 
> V2020.
> We should eliminate federal income tax altogether and simply adopt a 2% to 
> 3% federal sales tax addendum to each state's sales tax.
> As it is currently, if a business entity purchases something for use by that 
> business entity, the purchase is exempt from state sales tax.  We can 
> maintain the status quo on that, and simply not allow ANY exemptions to the 
> federal sales tax addendum.  In effect it would drastically reduce, if not 
> eliminate the national deficit within a reasonably short period of time.
> Europe (Germany, in particular) has been imposing a federal "value-added" 
> tax for quite some time now.  Perhaps we should follow suit.
> Tom Hansen
> Vandalville, Idaho
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> >Donovan, Dick, Paul and others
> >
> >I think you all have good ideas that merit consideration.  A flat tax with 
> >an exemption below a certain income level or a national sales tax, 
> >exempting basic goods would be a big improvement.Some services could be 
> >taxed(haircuts for example). Any of these would get rid of the tax 
> >exemptions  that allow the rich to avoid taxes.
> >
> >Roger

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