[Vision2020] Mis and Re Direction of Issues

J Ford privatejf32 at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 27 12:18:21 PDT 2006

I thought the point was to be IN the world but not OF the world.  So you 
miss the mark on several issues, Mr. F.  I also have to wonder just how it 
is you know what is contained in "girly magazines."

Sorry you felt like getting "down and dirty" was the right tract to take - 
it was not and is not.  Suppose you just stick to the issue and leave the 
other crap out of it?

I asked a legit question and then this happened.  Mis/re-direction of an 
issue is cowardly and speaks volumes of the maturity level of the 

Again:  Is NSA seriously going to cap their enrollment at 200 no matter 
where they hold classes or are they going to play the game of "You never 
said we could not do.........."  And I will add to that - When is NSA going 
to apply for a CUP for the classes being held in other buildings in the CBD?

It would be a nice change of pace if someone from that organization, WITH 
AUTHORITY, would take the time and become part of this discussion and answer 
whatever questions arise about them instead of letting the student body and 
peripheral attendees of Christ Church strike an attack pose.

As for what you did yesterday, DF, I would hope that is not repeated.  You 
should be wanting to lead as an example, as we are taught, not chastise 
folks for not getting on those that do similar things like the gutter talk 
you took up.

J  :]

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>Subject: Re: [Vision2020] NSA Enrollment is up
>Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2006 02:56:16 -0400
>Ms. Mix,
>I'm sorry if you were offended in my rebuttal but which truth were you
>eluding to... that I, as Tom suggests, was in the state pen and was
>someone's love toy or that having a husband that ends up in the state pen 
>a bad idea?
>Some times when one responds in a similar manner as others it exposes how
>crude their message was. Sort of like a mirror. All I was doing was making 
>comment similar to the one Tom made but you were only expedient to call me
>on the carpet. Why is that? Does Tom get a free ride from you because he is
>pathetic? As for getting under Art's thin skin.... It doesn't take much for
>that to happen. He is always ready to retread a bad, tasteless joke one
>tends to find in tacky girlie magazines and substitute his enemy's names 
>the characters in the joke. Then he tries to make his point by changing
>fonts and colors. That's a real mature response isn't it Keely. You never
>chastise Deco for his crude statements. You seem to have a double or triple
>You know that I tend to apologize if I step over that invisible line you
>draw in the sand. But I won't do so when it's self defense. I'll turn the
>other cheek for some things but not for others.
>When I started this little exercise in ruffling feathers I was originally
>talking to J. Ford. I was just asking her why she found it "interesting"
>that there were more women than men. I didn't expect a real answer from her
>but I could only hope.
>So as every one started to pile on I just moved the pile to the cest pool
>where every one could feel comfortable. If every one wants to dry off and
>talk civilly I'll be happy to also. But if they continue to be crass and
>socially unacceptable I will continue to move the venue to the pig sty. 
>up to them.
>I hope this clears things up.
>lemeno, Doug!
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>Sent: Tue, 26 Sep 2006 5:30 PM
>Subject: RE: [Vision2020] NSA Enrollment is up
>You're really disgusting, Doug. I don't know what your earlier "NM State
>pen" comment referred to, but if there was anything close to the truth in
>it, you're also pretty vicious.
>From: heirdoug at netscape.net
>To: thansen at moscow.com, vision2020 at moscow.com, deco at moscow.com
>Subject: [Vision2020] NSA Enrollment is up
>Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2006 18:27:13 -0400
>Tom-Tom and Decopauge,
>Maybe the two of you could "go down" and share knee pads together. I
>hear the fellowship in the Big House is real close!
>lemeno, Doug!
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