[Vision2020] Why Pooh Stinks NOT

J Ford privatejf38 at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 26 16:54:33 PDT 2006

Mayhap I should re-read the letter that I got that told me to stop talking 
about Mike Hoffman.

J  :]

Seems to me he's learned more on evasion and deception from Mike Hoffman
than he has from Dougie1.  Mayhap we will see HIM open an office that isn't,
on Main street soon.  Got a name for the business - The Princess That Isn't
With The Land Developer That Isn't.  They could sell, oh I do not know -
bridges that once were located in London!  Or mayhap they should just stick
with land deals that never go through with a dose of rhetoric and
self-grandizement thrown in for the small price of $250k a sale.  Yeah!
that's it.  Being as they got experience in that line already.....

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