[Vision2020] NSA Enrollment is up

Art Deco deco at moscow.com
Tue Sep 26 14:29:53 PDT 2006

Notice how pre-teenager Williams responds to facts by chiding the poster for 
using them.  Perhaps when he reaches adolescence he may possibly gain a 
healthier respect for truth.  Now, however, like the upper hierarchy in the 
Wilson and Family Shell Game, he must believe that fictions are better than 
facts, and that "The price of liberty is eternal ignorance (and arrogance)."

I, for one, greatly appreciate the work by Ford in keeping us updated about 
what I see as a menace to personal liberty, a parasite sucking on the public 
teat without paying taxes, and a so-called church that ignores the good 
found in Christianity but provides us with numerous outstanding examples of 
how Christianity can be heretically perverted for personal gain and 
ego-massages to those addicted to such.

I wonder what would happen if Ford had time to go down to the County Clerk's 
Office with a list of current and past Shell Game elders, current and past 
deacons, public figures and public servants that are trapped in the Shell 
Game, and select other members of that Shell Game, and then checked for the 
presence of federal or state tax liens.

Art Deco (Wayne A. Fox)
deco at moscow.com

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> LOL!!!!  Ahhhh, Jackie.  You really make me laugh.  The comic relief you
> provide really gets me through the day.  And for that I'm am grateful. 
> The
> time you spend digging this stuff up, just so you can speculate about the
> doings of NSA...  Oh, its too rich.  Tell me, do you already know of the
> latest NSA faculty change, or can I be the one to fill you in.  If you 
> don't
> know already, well...  I believe  you're investigative *ahem* qualities 
> are
> beginning to fail you.  One can only hope.
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>>According the the NSA site:
>>"The College enrolled 150 full-time equivalent (158 headcount) students
>>this fall, an increase of 23 percent over last year's enrollment of 122
>>full-time equivalent (129 headcount). Lower attrition and a full freshman
>>class pushed enrollment to a record high for the College.
>>New Saint Andrews also experienced its largest enrollment of international
>>students this fall, with 12 students (or 7 percent of the student body)
>>coming from five nations: Canada, England, France, Ivory Coast, and Iraq.
>>The College's student body is made up of 46 percent men and 54 percent
>>women. "
>>According to their "college newspaper" last year's figures were:
>>"Student Body 2005-2006
>>Men (54%) and women (46%) from 32
>>states, two Canadian provinces, France,
>>and Korea, and 20+ denominations
>>Interesting how the male/female numbers did an EXACT switch.
>>Also interesting is how they are getting closer to that 200 FTE number 
>>the Council put on them.  Will they stay at that number or go beyond,
>>justifying it by putting classes in other buildings with a claim of "You
>>never said we could not have classes here or that our enrollment cap
>>included those in any other buildings."?
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