[Vision2020] NSA Enrollment is up

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Tue Sep 26 13:40:41 PDT 2006

J. }:>

Why do you find it interesting "how the male/female numbers did an 
EXACT switch"?

Is there something WRONG with women getting an excellent education with 
out having to join the Army? Maybe they want to learn what real 
gentlemen are like before marring someone who ends up in the NM State 

lemeno, Doug!

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Subject: [Vision2020] NSA Enrollment is up

Interesting how the male/female numbers did an EXACT switch.

Also interesting is how they are getting closer to that 200 FTE number 
the Council put on them. Will they stay at that number or go beyond,
justifying it by putting classes in other buildings with a claim of 
never said we could not have classes here or that our enrollment cap
included those in any other buildings."?

J :]
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