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Thanks for providing the link but my question to you is "so what?"  What if they are?  How is it negatively impacting your life?  I realize that there are rules and regulations but I want to know specifically how it is impacting you and more importantly, How is it impacting J. Ford who seems so insistent on spending every moment of the day whining about it?  I am trying to get it.  I am sincere in on wondering "who the hell cares...and why?"


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 "Sins can be committed in ignorance, and the fact that they were committed
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 As I sit and read the interesting perspectives of those that contribute to
 this forum, I find myself with an interesting feeling of boredom and nausea
 as I read J Ford's Post.  I wonder if she should not pay us all a fee for
 reading her nonsense.  I wonder how she knows how many students live in this
 home and how she knows how much they are paying in rent per month.  I wonder
 if she hides camouflage clothing in the bushes to wear as she camps out
 investigating (or eavesdropping) on all things Christ Church.  I wonder if
 she has wire taps into Doug Wilson's home.  I wonder if she has ever visited
 a mental institution even more so I wonder if she can pop of her little head
 to show that she is actually a creature from another planet.  Before I am
 accused of libel or slander (I know it is hard to distiguish the
 difference)........I am Just Wondering!

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