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Robert Dickow dickow at uidaho.edu
Fri Sep 22 09:18:21 PDT 2006

I'd like to try a little thought experiment.

Please understand that this is a serious question of an abstract,
hypothetical nature, just to explore a possible train of argument that might
lead to an ethical position:


If another person attached him/herself by mouth to your arm, let's say, and
proceeded to extract your body's fluids for sustenance or whatever, would
you, in general principles, have a right to remove that person from your
arm, even if it might mean killing that person?

Let's not, for now, suppose that the attacher person was or was not invited
to attach to said attachee.

I know, I know, this would never happen in reality, but this is a 'thought

Bob Dickow, troublemaker.

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Bullshit, Hansen, the woman is NOT the person most affected by abortion.

It's the child stupid!  At least she gets to go on living, while the child
molders in a trash can.


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