[Vision2020] Canadian Man Sent to Syrian Torture Chambers

nickgier at adelphia.net nickgier at adelphia.net
Thu Sep 21 11:17:43 PDT 2006


Thanks to Bruce and Ralph for making the right arguments in this thread.  Here are my points.

1) The man is a Canadian citizen and he was on his way to visit friends in Tunisia.  He had no desire to visit his home country, nor did Syria submit any evidence about his alleged terrorist activities.

2) U. S. authorities INTENTIONALLY and DELIBERATELY sent him to Syria where they knew he would be tortured.  Just as the CIA intentionally and deliberately kidnapped a German citizen and sent him to a secret prison; just as a dozen CIA agents kidnapped a man in Italy and sent him to one of their torture chambers.  (Condi did apologize in the German case.) The Italian government is still trying to extradite those CIA agents so that they can be tried for their crimes.  

3) CIA planes are also violating European air space in transporting these detainees.  We require permission for all flights over our country, but somehow we don't think it's necessary to honor the air space of other countries.  We have no moral ground to call other countries "rogue states."  What hypocrisy!

3) The CIA has intentionally and deliberately used waterboarding and other actions contrary to the Geneva Convention on Torture against detainees.

Until I am assured that these illegal activities have stopped, I will not give these issues a rest.

Nick Gier

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