[Vision2020] Mr. Ed's Detractors

Tom Hansen thansen at moscow.com
Tue Sep 19 17:47:38 PDT 2006

Jeesh, g -

Rose Huskey's primary active concern has surrounded property taxes, a county
issue.  Her residence is well within county boundaries.  But, then, we all
knew that.  Well . . . almost all.

Now, back to the sandbox with you, g.  

Tom Hansen
Vandalville, Idaho


"Sins can be committed in ignorance, and the fact that they were committed
in ignorance doesn't cause the sin to just disappear . . . "

- Princess Sushitushi (September 10, 2006)


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Well if we were to hold to your way of thinking J. then Rose Huskey who
lives out of town and who doesn't work anywhere should not have any thing to
say about what is going on here in Moscow. But that would be silly for we
all know that Rose can't keep her trap shut. Although it has been peacefull
with her not posting so often.

And when do you plan to move to the motherland of Ireland where they all
talk as you do?

G :]

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