[Vision2020] Corection to my comments on City Council on the Beebe Rezone tonight

Peterson, Nils nils_peterson at wsu.edu
Tue Sep 19 15:36:45 PDT 2006

Stephanie Kalasz points out that my comments here about the votes last night
were in error. I regret that I lost track of what was happening and will
need to revise my comments when I can look at the minutes.

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Conversation: [Vision2020] City Council on the Beebe Rezone tonight
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On 9/19/06 12:14 PM, "Stephanie Kalasz" <skalasz at ci.moscow.id.us>
>> I haven't completed my minutes yet but...nothing was decided because
> the
>> motions failed 2 - 4 or died due to lack of a second.  Nancy only
> voted
>> no on the motions to approve the rezone as proposed with no
>> because both of those votes were tied.

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