[Vision2020] Why is Moscow Growing Study

Stephanie Kalasz skalasz at ci.moscow.id.us
Mon Sep 18 16:56:19 PDT 2006

Please note the following item on the City Council agenda for this


In 1995, Professors Jon R. Miller and Steven S. Peterson of the
University of Idaho authored a study of growth in Moscow entitled "Why
is Moscow Growing?"  The study was funded, in part, by the City and was
intended to help answer questions about the growth trends of the City.
In the interest of having current information on these matters, the
Council authorized the expenditure to have the study updated.
Professors Miller and Peterson have completed their work and will
present it to the City Council.


If you would like to view this report, it is available on the City
website:  www.ci.moscow.id.us <http://www.ci.moscow.id.us/>   there is a
link to the report from the center column.



Stephanie Kalasz

Moscow City Clerk


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