[Vision2020] Notch it down

J Ford privatejf35 at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 18 13:52:52 PDT 2006


One more thing. I will also try to abide by my own statements below and 
refrain from saying things that are not true about Dougie or the Boyz. I 

J  :]

...But you take things WAY too far and accuse him of things he has not said 
much less done.

People, *I*, am asking that you just tone down the rhetoric and stick to  
proven, varifiable facts and points of discussion.  Leave the other stuff  
alone because, seriously, that is what is ticking people off.  Whatever you  
may have to say that COULD possibly be worth hearing is getting lost in the  
trash you keep shoving in front.

Only a suggestion.  Take it - leave it.  I do not care.  But you are really  
on thin ice on some of what you are saying and I think it is time you  
brought it down a bunch....

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