[Vision2020] Frauds and Phonies [Part I]

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Mon Sep 18 10:15:40 PDT 2006

A number of Vision 2020 posters have commented upon the phony pretense by
Christ Church that it is modeled on a Scottish village kirk.  That those in
this phony, certainly non-christian clique are a bunch of liars and frauds,
let alone an ersatz Scottish kirk, discerning readers need look no further
than the Daily News columns of Ed Iverson.

Iverson is frequently caught writing huge lies to support the racist,
homophobic, theocratic, and sexist views of that pseudo-religious clique
(but really a most enriching family business).

A good example pointing out such lies is a recent letter to the editor of
the Daily News by Leslie Fort (posted below) captioned *Columnist's hate
rhetoric twists the truth*.

When a columnist like Iverson resorts to lying to the extent of misstating
statistics an exaggerated 300 - 500 times, readers know that he and those he
is employed by and represents are humongous liars and that their views are
so far from reality that they can only support them by monstrous, hateful,
and very stupid lies.

Not only have this misanthropic group of liars, pretenders, and hypocrites
infected the OP/ED ages of the Daily News, but they infect the news
reporting functions as well.  When two members of this bizarre cult were
recently convicted of child sexual molestation (one whose horrific actions
directly affected a large number of children 2 - 12 years old, including
those of an unfortunate cult family), the only news item the Daily News ran
was an interview with cult priest Douglas Wilson and NSA yesman Roy Atwood
complaining about how they (Wilson and Atwood, who by their construction of
a boarding house system were part of the cause of these horrid crimes
themselves) were the real victims (not the children and their families).
 of these outrageous sexual predator crimes.

{The infection of the OP/ED pages of the Daily News by the phony kirk is
further illustrated by editorials by Murf Raquet who in the spirit of the
yellowest journalism supports NSA staying downtown with writings rife with
obvious, inexcusable factual errors on key points of the dispute.}

One would have to guess that Daily News personnel Nathan Alford and Murf
Raquet are now or shortly will be made honorary elders of Christ Church, and
that Wilson and Atwood are now or will be made honorary publisher and hack,
respectively, of the Daily News.

I respectfully disagree with Lesile Fort in one respect.  She wishes Iverson
to be taken from the pages of the Daily News.

I think we need to see more of Iverson's writings.  They superbly illustrate
the arrogance, dishonesty, unchristianity, intellectual bankruptcy,
fraudulence, and ignorance of this family enriching enterprise falsely,
insultingly, and ungodly masquerading as a Scottish kirk.  It also
illustrates the cowardice of the Daily News to fight a real threat to the
community and its children, but instead provide space for this blasphemous
business to perpetrate their frauds and unholy harms upon the community and
its children.

Ridley Wycliffe

>From the Daily News:

*Columnist's hate rhetoric twists the truth *

Ed Iverson is a "contemporary comedy and tragedy of society."

I have had it with Iverson and his Saturday morning rants (Opinion, Sept. 9
& 10) It's supposed to be an editorial page, not a propaganda page. He would
have us believe the world is black and white. Most of us know the world is
black, white and so many shades of gray that are complex and ever changing.
The fact is that everyone's life experiences are different and lead to
different views. If Ed Iverson's world view is as narrow as he tells us then
so be it. But it is my right to my world view. Don't like it? Tough –
welcome to grown-up land.

He stated "… according to the CDC, homosexual men are 1,000 times more
likely to contract AIDS than someone in the general population …" I went to
the CDC Web site and could not find any facts to verify this claim. I
e-mailed the CDC and gave them the quote. Here is part of the information I
received from them:

MSM (Men who have Sex with Men) are slightly more than 2 times more likely
to have HIV than non-MSM, however, that profile is changing. While HIV
infections in MSM remain relatively stable, infections in heterosexual
persons, especially women, are increasing.

This seems to say that not only are homosexual men not 1,000 times more
likely to get AIDS than I am (he only missed it by 997) but that this is a
health issue that affects all Americans. It is typical of hate rhetoric to
twist the truth.

I am tired of the hateful rhetoric. Ed Iverson must go. A community with two
public universities, many faith communities that preach tolerance for
others, and people who believe in respecting our differences deserve more
from the *Daily News* than someone preaching hate.

*Leslie Fort,* Pullman
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