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As opposed to Rose, who has nothing but nice wonderful things to say  about people in our community, especially with people named Wilson. I  am sure a company wants to hire someone that is litigious as you about  every thing.
 I have lots of job offers Rose. I have a skill  that is in high demand and that not many people can do. They don't pay  me for my opinion. 
 How about you? I also understand the  difference between behavior at work and behavior in my private life.  The argument you are making is the same one people make for not hiring  homosexuals. People are entitled to hold and express their opinions  different from their boss and employer, it is called the First  Amendment. 
 You would be surprised at how many enjoy reading  my posts and make comments to me in person and on line as such because  they don't agree with a group of people in this town trying to rip down  the community such as yourself.

donald huskey <donaldrose at cpcinternet.com> wrote:                                  Visionaries:
    It  is my understanding that perspective employers frequently Google job  applicant&#8217;s names.  If that is the case, all the ugly,  thoughtless, and poor arguments that Donovan submits on regular basis  to V2020 will pop right up.  Imagine any employer, particularly a  school district, willing to hire someone who consistently misrepresents  other posters arguments,  who routinely sends  insulting,  belligerent, and potentially actionable responses, - not to mention   the tone of  pathological grandiosity - Donovan&#8217;s post  assume.   Who needs these lamentable attributes in an  employee?   And, the beauty of it is, Donovan will have no  one to blame but himself.
    Rose Huskey
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