[Vision2020] FW: E. coli Outbreak from Spinach

Debbie Gray dgray at uidaho.edu
Fri Sep 15 14:20:13 PDT 2006


Debbie (is this the revenge of the spinach??)

> To: Extension Faculty and Staff
> From:  Jeff Kronenberg
> We are experiencing an E. coli outbreak from Spinach in Idaho and
> many other states; one death had been reported so far.
> Feds warn: Don't eat fresh bagged spinach: One dead, 50 sickened in
> nine states, including Ore. 14.sep.06 The Associated Press and
> KTVZ.com news sources
> http://www.ktvz.com/story.cfm?nav=news&storyID=16636 Federal health
> officials are warning people not to eat bagged fresh spinach after an
> outbreak of E. coli in eight states, including Oregon, has left at
> least one person dead and 50 others sick. The death occurred in
> Wisconsin. The cases of people getting sick were reported in
> Connecticut, Idaho, Indiana, Michigan, New Mexico, Oregon and Utah.
> Epidemiologists in the Oregon Department of Human Services and in
> Wisconsin have traced the illness to packaged, washed spinach,
> although they so far have been unable to identify whether the
> contamination is confined to a single brand. DHS epidemiologist Bill
> Keene was quoted as saying Thursday afternoon, "We have reports of
> cases of E. coli O157 illness in Oregon, Idaho, Washington,
> Wisconsin, Utah, New Mexico, Connecticut, Indiana and Michigan.
> Although we have identified packaged spinach as the source, people
> have either varying or no recollection of the brand they purchased."
> Keene said that epidemiologists are asking people who have become ill
> for credit and cash-register receipts they received when they made
> the purchase.
> "We're now trying to pin down the brand," he said. Although five
> persons' illness has been confirmed by the state public health
> laboratory, he said, state epidemiologists have received reports of
> illness in several dozen people and are working with them as well.
> Keene said DHS would name the brand of the contaminated product
> publicly as soon as it is identified.

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