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I have found jimi hendrix - "purple haze" played *loud* at 6:00 am is very effective.

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Gotta agree with Gary on this one.

As someone who has taken heat over public involvement over the last four 
years, I've found that no one in my family has suffered at all, other than 
putting up with an occasional bad mood from Mom.  Yeah, people say mean 
things to me and about me, and that's probably true with anyone else who's 
taken a public position on much of anything, but it's hardly heroic to speak 
out by name -- it's just what you do, and if you can't, it's better to just 
expect that nothing will change.  I can't imagine drunken, publicly 
urinating college kids being more likely cause harm to you or your 
reputation than other folks who've been confronted with wrongdoing, and 
while you probably don't intend to come across this way, your by-name 
attacks on businesses and your continued anonymity aren't doing much for 
your credibility or your right to a quiet, liveable neighborhood.

I wish people didn't behave like hooligans, but I also wish that when they 
did, other people would square their shoulders and speak out.


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People without resources don't get to spend.
People without license's don't get to drive.
People without franchise don't get to vote.
People without spine don't get to have their
opinions taken seriously.


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   Am I a coward? Yes, because I have a family to protect. What "reputable 
local business" have I bad-mouthed? I have spoken about bad service at 
Basilio's and Gambino's, and about the horrible slumlords at Palouse 
Properties. Palouse Properties deserves any badmouthing they get - just do a 
random survey of 10 of their tenants and see what you discover. Reputable to 
the Chamber of Commerce, not reputable to the people they take advantage of.


   "g. crabtree" <jampot at adelphia.net> wrote:
     Rhetorical excess? I see. A person who seems to have plenty of opinions 
to share with the rest of the world but who wants to do it from the safe 
harbor of anonymity. Bad mouthing  reputable local businesses in a manner 
where there is no way for them to respond in their own defense.  Harsh 
accusations followed by "I'm a frightened little girl." Etc, Etc. I suppose 
I should apologize for the "you suck" comment but the cowardly part I'm 
afraid has been irrefutably proven. Skullduggery by dark seemed in keeping 
with what you have demonstrated for me so far. Literally. Perhaps you and 
"J. Ford" could get together and start a club. You seem to have quite a lot 
in common.


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