[Vision2020] Parking

Pat Kraut pkraut at moscow.com
Tue Sep 12 18:01:18 PDT 2006

I have been taking my own private survey about downtown:

Do you shop downtown?
For the most part the answer has been no.

2 'Parking'
The rest 'nothing down there I want'.
I appears most of my friends get their books online. They eat elsewhere and
don't need drugs or other professional services that are downtown.

2 go to Wild Women

4 Get drugs at Hodgins and do not have trouble finding parking.

Some including myself eat at the Breakfast Club or coffee at anyone of the
multiple choices and go to the Goodwill. And as we are all aware the
Goodwill is moving so I might be going less often...but that craving for a
huckleberry pancake can be overwhelming! I do not have trouble parking but I
am willing to walk a block or two also and it isn't that far, ever.

What could they put down there that you would shop down there?
Walmart was one answer! Most couldn't think of anything they need that would
make it necessary for them to go for just one item.

One of my friends with two knee replacements no longer goes to the farmers
market because of a lack of parking. As I said earlier maybe what we need
are more handicap spots.

I have not found NSA to be the problem because of those who do go to the
farmers market all mentioned how grateful they were for the use of the

I do not think the big issue taken before the City Council has been
taxes...it has been about parking.

I am going to keep asking questions.

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