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You just might need Sunil someday if you happen through various 
circumstances to be unjustly accused of a crime of great consequence 
that you didn't commit.  Not likely, I know, but it could happen.  Then, 
should he get you off on a technicality or on appeal or whatever, it 
will look like a travesty of justice to everyone else - even after 
you've proven in a court of law that the accusations were false!

I don't know Sunil, but i'm guessing that the above type of scenario is 
the reason he does what he does.  If he can save one innocent man or 
woman from going to jail, then it's worth it.  And should you ever be 
unjustly accused of a crime, I hope the Sunils of the world get you out 
of it.


Tony Simpson wrote:

>My beloved Rose,
>You suggest that I am ignorant of Sunil's commitment to the perpetrator's 
>constitutional right to a defense.  You are mistaken, my lovely.  I have 
>heard that con job many time from defense attorneys trying desperately to 
>rationalize repeated postponements, endless retrials, and thwarted justice, 
>all employed for years on behalf of guilty sociopaths in order to line the 
>pockets of said lawyers at taxpayer's expense.
>It is you, my tender love, who is in over their head.  You should really 
>have kept your mouth shut and done the damned dishes.  It is patently 
>unacceptable for a child killer like Gene Stuart to sit on "death" row for 
>well over a dozen years while self serving morons proclaim his innocence at 
>our expense.
>And you, my muddle headed lovely, have never even met me or any of my 
>children, and so simply have NO IDEA what the hell you're talking about when 
>it comes to my fitness as a parent.
>You refer to me as mean spirited, but it is me who consistently defends the 
>weak against those who would murder or oppress them, while it is 
>consistently you and yours who defend those who would brutalize the 
>Perhaps, my precious Rose, what you perceive as so despicable in me, is in 
>fact merely a reflection of yourself.  And my Dear, self-loathing is sooo 
>Now go get me another damned beer!
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>>I have avoided responding to any posts by Tony Simpson because he is,
>>frankly speaking, a belligerent asshole.  However, he has gone a bridge to
>>far this time.
>>Sunil is upholding the constitution (which no doubt Mr. Simpson claims to
>>love) in a way that is simply beyond Tony's understanding - not to mention
>>his educational background and training.
>>Attorneys, especially those who have the guts to serve as public 
>>don't have the luxury of picking their clients. Further, I have yet to 
>>one that thinks criminal behavior is acceptable.  The issue is not the
>>alleged crime it is the constitutional right to a defense. A nuance,
>>understandable to most forth graders but obviously beyond Tony Simpson's
>>intellectual grasp.
>>Simpson's claim of being a "damned good father" (as anyone who knows him
>>will verify) is reminiscent of a similar claim made by a equally 
>>jackass I know. And, undoubtedly, equally false.  What is abundantly clear
>>to well balanced members of V2020 is that people who are as mean-spirited,
>>blasphemous, and ignorant as Tony Simpson are not much "damn" good at
>>anything and on some level they even know it themselves.
>>Rose Huskey
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