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And attitudes like what you have presented here are precisely why the law 
and that attitude is wrong and why so many victims are so reluctant to tell 
anyone about what has happened to them.

Child molestation/rape is one of the most destructive and life-threatening 
crimes.  Putting it BELOW a murder, any kind of murder, only perpetuates 

J  :]

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>Subject: Re: [Vision2020] Coe, Sitler and Duncan
>Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2006 14:31:26 -0700
>I make and have made no claims as to what victims feel.  I stand by my
>position that murders, particularly those by a serial killer, are worse 
>molestation.  In no way am I trying to diminish the latter; however, I 
>it's absurd to pretend they're the same.  They're not, which is why the law
>does not treat them the same way.
> >From: "J Ford" <privatejf32 at hotmail.com>
> >To: vision2020 at moscow.com
> >Subject: Re: [Vision2020] Coe, Sitler and Duncan
> >Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2006 12:28:54 -0700
> >
> >How dare you!  Have you lived through being raped, molested, almost
> >killed!?
> >   Huh,have you?  Didn't think so.  So don't you dare assume you know 
> >murder is worse than living through the type of hell child predators put
> >their victims through.  YOU HAVE NO IDEA!  The person murdered - their 
> >is over; the "survivor" of molestation/rape, etc. - their pain continues 
> >and on and on.  They never loose it - some learn to live with it
> >differently
> >than others, some take the route of suicide.  A VAST majority of child
> >victims are killed.
> >
> >According toe National Missing and Exploited Children's web site:
> >
> >"an estimated 797,500 children were reported missing; 58,200 children 
> >abducted by nonfamily members; 115 children were the victims of the most
> >serious, long-term nonfamily abductions called "stereotypical 
> >and 203,900 children were the victims of family abductions."
> >
> >THAT is a hell of a lot of kids missing and hurt.  You want to tell them 
> >their families that "its ok, at least you can't prove they've had the 
> >happen to them - that they are dead."?  The worst is not knowing where 
> >are, are they safe, are they being tortured?
> >
> >There are many, many victims of rape and child molestation that would and
> >have taken death over living with what happened to them.  Suicide does 
> >mitigate or negate the seriousness of the originating crime of 
> >The fact that someone would say "you'll get over it - it was only
> >molestation vs. murder" or "molestation is not as bad as murder - you 
> >through it" is what is asinine - and callous.
> >
> >Duncan is not "alleged" to be a multiple child molester - he IS a 
> >convicted and multiply charged child molester and killer.
> >
> >If you talk to Adam Walsh's father, John, or anyone else who works to 
> >against child molesters they will tell you 9 x's out of 10, the perp has
> >been caught doing a "lesser" crime, but has committed numerous extremely
> >serious unknown ones.  Duncan is NOT unique - he just got caught.
> >
> >In ref to Coe, he ASKED/PETITIONED/BEGGED the court to allow him to be
> >transferred to another facility - to get him out of Spokane.  It matters
> >little where that place is or that he MAY have ended up there eventually;
> >what matters is HE made the request and the court went with it:
> >
> >"Kevin Coe Gets Hearing Delay  September 6, 2006 By Associated Press
> >
> >Kevin Coe, convicted of one of the rapes that terrorized Spokane's South
> >Hill neighborhood a quarter-century ago, on Wednesday requested transfer 
> >a special prison for sexual predators to spend a seven-week delay in the
> >state's efforts to keep him in custody indefinitely.
> >
> >Spokane County Superior Court Judge Kathleen O'Connor on Wednesday 
> >Coe's request to go to the special commitment center on McNeil Island and
> >agreed to the delay in the probable cause hearing to give his lawyers 
> >to study more than 66,000 pages of documents the state submitted in its
> >efforts to keep Coe in custody.
> >
> >Coe's attorney, Tim Trageser, said his client would like to spend the 
> >at McNeil Island, in Puget Sound between Tacoma and Olympia, rather than
> >the
> >Spokane County Jail.
> >
> >As a civil facility, McNeil Island has much better living arrangements 
> >a crowded county jail, Trageser said."
> >
> >And yes, victimization does occur in prison - BUT NOT TO CHILDREN by
> >molesters.  People don't want to run the risk they will become a victim 
> >prison, they should not do a crime that puts them in that position.
> >(Before
> >you say it - YES there are innocent people sent to jail or prison and YES
> >they can become victims in jail or prison.)
> >
> >And your claim that there is only one "sex offender treatment provider" 
> >they are in Clarkston is false.  There are MANY in the area and Sitler is
> >actually being treated by TWO providers, one in Pullman and one in
> >Clarkston.  And to the Sheriff's chagrin, his FAMILY members are taking 
> >to both.  Read the file - you'll see there is a letter there from the 
> >that specifically requests anyone BUT family members take Sitler to his
> >"treatment" and the court, thus far, has ignored that request.
> >
> >It irks me to no end that a defense lawyer, ANY, continues to claim they
> >know what a victim of their client's feels or the victim of any crime
> >feels.
> >   Until you are on the receiving end of that crime - you have no idea.
> >
> >J  :]
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > >From: "Sunil Ramalingam" <sunilramalingam at hotmail.com>
> > >To: vision2020 at moscow.com
> > >Subject: Re: [Vision2020]
> > >CoetransferredtospecialcommitmentcenteronMcNeilIsland
> > >Date: Sat, 09 Sep 2006 17:24:27 -0700
> > >
> > >Duncan is alleged to be a serial killer as well as a child molester.  
> > >claim he's close to average for a sex offender and then claim I'm being
> > >obtuse?  Please! That's a ridiculous position to take.  No, it's 
> > >absolute nonsense.
> > >
> > >Please do not compare murder to molestation and claim they're the same.
> > >Most people can tell they're two separate crimes, with the former being
> > >worse.
> > >
> > >I don't think the only practice providing treatment to sex offenders,
> >which
> > >is based in Clarkston, would come here to provide treatment to one
> >person.
> > >If I'm wrong, which is possible, then there would be no reason to let
> > >Sitler
> > >out for treatment.  If they won't come here, then this is a reason to
> >allow
> > >him to go to Clarkston for treatment.
> > >
> > >It's obtuse to claim Coe is having his way when he is going to the
> >facility
> > >where the state wishes to keep him what appears to be the rest of his
> >life,
> > >in order to prepare for the hearing that will determine his future.
> > >
> > >Actually, prison provides numerous opportunities to victimize others.
> > >
> > >Sunil
> > >
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