[Vision2020] One Should Have Right To Object To 'Under God'

Taro Tanaka taro_tanaka at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 9 16:17:08 PDT 2006

Tom Hansen thansen at moscow.com quoted Donald Clegg in The 

[[ One final thought: "I pledge allegiance to the flag ..." Not that I have 
horse in this race, but as I understand it, isn't that idolatry? ]]

Yes, it is idolatrous, which is, sadly, part of the reason why many churches 
have American flags on prominent display near the altar and/or pulpit during 

Has anyone ever considered why Bellamy felt such a Pledge was necessary back 
in 1892? What was his agenda?

Bellamy's Pledge of Allegiance has done its work too well. Whether it has 
"under God" in it or not,the Pledge is stil promoting Statism: not the way 
Christians are supposed to love our country. Our true citizenship is in 
heaven. That doesn't mean we can't love our country in a certain sense, but 
the deified State is perverse. Our country would no doubt be a lot healthier 
and we would probably be causing fewer problems in the world if the Pledge 
had never been adopted in the first place. The Pledge of Allegiance is one 
religious ceremony we can do without.

As regards man, we should love our neighbors (the fellow bearers of God's 
image that God has brought into our lives) as ourselves. But we and our 
neighbors are individuals, and we do not have our being only as citizens of 
the Republic. But the tendency of the Pledge is to emphasize that dimension 
of our existence to the exclusion of all else.

-- Princess Sushitushi

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