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Michael Metzler wrote on Thurs., Sept. 7, 2006, on www.poohsthink.com -- under
*Tim Dick:  Where's the Real Journalism Folks?*  "I am amazed about the rough
dividing line that seems to present itself when men who have a real following
demonstrate corruption and idiocy.  There are those who sit back and see it the
way it is.  This is usually the majority looking in on all of it.  But then there are
those who have a real emotional iron in the fire; they have just enough social
identity wrapped into the person under-going criticism.  These people have proven, generally, to lack basic rational skills when confronted with the corruption
and idiocy of the person they looked to for instruction and leadership.  I have 
seen this for so long in my own case here within what I now call the pseudo-cult
of Christ Church that I have become committed to the thesis, not unpopular, that
people are really social creatures, not rational creatures.  But there is another
factor that should not be over-looked; I do believe that it is the weak-willed and
weak-minded who often get caught up "needing" a ministry like Ligonier, or a 
prophet-master like Douglas Wilson or RC Sproul Jr.  Perhaps it is often just those kinds of people who became trapped in such a personality cult who also
have a hard time thinking very objectively or thinking for themselves."

Very true, Michael.  But another point to be made is that people are generally
creatures of habit (closely related to the social creatures you refer to above)
that seem to prefer laziness (there are more people intellectually lazy and/or
intellectually dishonest than physically lazy, though I am referring to all arenas
here) and their comforts to confronting the evil in their midst and *really* loving
the truth.  Unfortunately, this seems to be true of many seemingly sound
Christians--even those in leadership positions.  And many of these pastors, etc.,
if and when they do speak up, finally and truly publicly, do so only after at least
several others have taken the brunt of that evil.  Their courage comes with
numbers, if at all, not just the manifest truth.  And no one is automatically 
immune to superiority complexes -- even those who make self-deprecatory
remarks.  They would do well to remember also, "Wherefore let him that thinketh
he standeth take heed lest he fall" (I Corinthians 10:12).  But unfortunately
those blinded by the image of themselves and their own, truly only apply this 
verse to everyone but they and theirs.  "True" repentance is really foreign to
them; their ego won't allow it.  In spite of speaking scriptually sound words, 
saving face is of most importance.  The pride of life is a most grievious and
self-deceiving sin.

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