[Vision2020] Coe transferred to special commitment center on McNeil Island

Paul Rumelhart godshatter at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 9 10:11:06 PDT 2006

I realize you're basically just getting in another dig at Sitler, but 
I'd like to look at this a bit more.

Kevin Coe has paid his "debt to society", or will have soon.  The 
question now is whether or not he needs to be committed for his own 
mental sanity.  I don't know anything about McNeil Island, but I imagine 
that he is being studied to see if he is fit to return to normal life, 
or to see if he is a danger to himself or others from a mental-stability 

He was caught, tried, convicted, and served his time.  He deserves the 
chance to start over, as best he can.  That's the foundation of our 
justice system, if you don't agree with it than you might as well just 
execute everyone who does so much as get a ticket for jay-walking.

If I were him, I'd get the hell out of the Northwest.  He'll still be on 
the Sex Offenders list, which will be a good thing for those in his new 
community, but maybe he'll have less extra crap flung at  him somewhere 

I don't know about the Sitler case, I've heard so much ranting and 
raving about it here that I couldn't tell you if he was a saint or 
Satan, but if he was sentenced by a court of law he should be given the 
ability to reenter normal life after he's served his time without people 
taking it upon themselves to make his new life any more of a living hell.

I guess my main question is: don't people deserve second chances?


J Ford wrote:

> Coe transferred to special commitment center on McNeil Island
> SPOKANE, Wash.- South Hill Rapist Kevin Coe has been transferred to a 
> special commitment center at McNeil Island instead of the Spokane 
> County Jail.  He left Spokane early Friday morning and arrived safely 
> at noon.  A judge listened to arguments on behalf of Coe and granted 
> him the transfer. Coe will be moved back to Spokane County in time for 
> a probable cause hearing, in about 7 weeks.
> Coe's attorney sought - and were granted - a delay in the hearing on 
> whether to civilly commit him beyond his 25-year sentence for rape.  
> That hearing will now take place no October 30th.  Prosecutors did not 
> object to the delay, but said they would not be willing to wait any 
> longer.  Coe's lawyer said he needed more time to sift through the 
> mounds of documents related to his client's case.
> Does this not sound like Sitler being allowed to go outside the jail 
> for "treatment" until his parole in May 2007?  When did things change 
> to where the criminal is allowed to dictate his sentence or place of 
> incarceration?
> J  :]
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