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Copied and pasted below is the UI Friday Letter for September 8, 2006 from
UI President White.


University of Idaho
Office of the President
Moscow, Idaho 83844-3151
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The Friday Letter
A Newsletter for University of Idaho
Alumni and Friends

Sept. 8, 2006

Dear Friends,

On several recent occasions on campus and around the state, I have spoken
with pride of the breadth and depth of tasks we accomplished together in the
last academic year, including tremendous new achievements of our faculty and
To continue the momentum, we must focus our thinking, planning and actions.
The Strategic Action Plan will guide our specific activities. It is a
living, working, and critically important plan that captures the "Vision,
Values and Direction" of the University of Idaho. 
The Plan's goals address teaching and learning; scholarly, creative and
outreach efforts; and our university culture. The Plan calls on every one of
us to:

~ give our students an experience of discovery, understanding and global
citizenship-one that will truly transform them;

~ achieve higher levels of excellence in scholarship and creative activity
by collaborating across disciplines;

~ reach out to the public, private and non-profit sectors to enhance our
teaching, learning, discovery and creativity;

~ create an energized, adaptable, dynamic and vital community here at the
University of Idaho-one where ideas are challenged and all people are

Through the Plan we are pioneering a pathway to meet the needs and
opportunities of our state, the nation and the world in the global economy.
The full plan, and initial information about its implementation, is
available at: www.uidaho.edu/strategicactionplan.
What will success look like? 
Let me offer but one story that is an instructive and inspiring example of
how the goals of the Plan can intertwine to benefit students, faculty, and
Associate Professor of Wildlife Resources Lisette Waits' conservation
biology class worked with Idaho ranchers who needed to develop a federal
Endangered Species Act document known as a Candidate Conservation Agreement.
The ranchers first needed to create a summary of the current status, life
history and threats for more than 25 vulnerable plant and animal species.
Next, they needed to identify the known and potential locations of these
species on their 45,000- acre ranch and 45,000 acres of federal grazing
allotments. Finally, they needed to develop a management plan that would
minimize the threats to these vulnerable species. Students assisted the
ranchers with all three stages of the project by creating the biological
summary documents, developing and ground-truthing GIS habitat models to
identify potential habitat and recommending management activities to
minimize impacts to vulnerable species.
The undergraduates had unmatched experiences in real-world, hands-on
discovery, outreach and collaboration that will bring vital benefits to the
state. The students performed at a higher level than the professor had
observed in the past. Stronger ties were developed between the University
and Idaho ranchers. The PhD students involved also benefited as the results
from this project were presented at international meetings for the Society
of Conservation Biology.  

Tim White

Here's the latest news from the University of Idaho:

A growing number of students at the University of Idaho are gaining the
exposure of global cultures, first-hand. During the 2005-06 school year,
more than 440 students participated in the university's Study Abroad
program. You can read about the worldly experiences of three students at

"What a great idea to promote a Disabled Veterans Scholarship," said Hugh
Hamilton of Airdrie, Alberta, Canada. Hugh recently gave $10,000 in support
of the Operation Education scholarship, a pioneering program designed to
help veterans severely and permanently wounded as a result of service since
Sept. 11, 2001. "My success today can be directly attributed to the
opportunity given me by the University of Idaho. I associated with some very
fine people, obtained a degree in accounting in 1956, was employed by
Morrison Knudsen and enjoyed a fraternal and social experience that extends
to present day. In Canada, we are very fortunate to border the U.S.A. I
appreciate the opportunity to participate in this payback program by
supporting Operation Education. God Bless America!" To apply for or donate
to the Operation Education scholarship, go to the Web site
www.uidaho.edu/OperationEducation or contact Heidi Linehan in Gift Planning
Services at (208) 885-7069 or 866-671-7041.


Take care, Moscow (you, too, Vandals).

Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho
UI '96

Work like you don't need the money.
Love like you've never been hurt.
Dance like nobody's watching.

- Author Unknown

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