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Bill Parks' company Northwest River Supplies ("NRS") bought the Tidyman's property.  See article reprinted below.

Bruce Livingston

>From the Aug. 24 Daily News:
Moscow river supply company buys vacant Tidyman\'s building 

Staff report 
Published: 08-24-2006 

The empty Tidyman's building in east Moscow soon will be filled. 

Bill Parks, owner of Moscow's Northwest River Supplies, announced Wednesday that he has purchased the building at 1638 S. Blaine St. 

Parks wouldn't comment on the price he paid for the building, but said he purchased the 43,000-square-foot facility to make sure he had sufficient property for future expansion. 

"We are at the point where we will have to do something. We need another addition," he said. 

NRS added its latest addition in 2000 to its current 45,000-square-foot facility, which is located at 209 S. Main St. The business also rents space in Fountain Industrial Park. 

Parks said he purchased the Tidyman's building, but not the land it sits upon, because it is being leased for 2 1/2 more years. 

When the lease is up, Parks said he intends to buy the land and move all operations to the Blaine Street property. At that point, he intends to sell the Main Street property. 

Parks said he plans to open for business in the old Tidyman's in November. 

NRS expects to continue its operations on Main Street for some time and will gradually shift to the Blaine Street property. 

NRS is a manufacturer and distributor of paddlesports equipment. It sells through its retail catalog and Internet site, and to stores and professional outfitters throughout the United States and more than 40 countries around the world. NRS employs more than 75 people at its Moscow facility and more than 40 in its raft factory in Tecate, Mexico. 

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  Hi Gary and Visionaries:

  Help me out here, Gary.  I am unclear about the claim that GTE didn't pay property taxes.  Can you substantiate that claim?  Also, what is NWRS, and why is the property not available?



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  The old Tidyman's location has been secured by NWRS and is not available. Wal-Marts current location is occupied. (for now) Try and keep up people. Does anyone but me find it odd that so many folks have so may suggestions for other people's property and resources?


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