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NoSuperWalMart has asked for a copy of Peterson's 
full report so your questions could be looked at 
by someone other than the author. To date, the 
full report (not just the exec summary which does 
not include the data necessary for meaningful 
analysis) has not been made available. Do you 
have one and would you make it available so this 
"debate" over methodology/conclusions can be 
brought to a close?

On another topic, what is your opinion of Prop 2?

Mark Solomon

At 9:08 AM -0700 9/7/06, Jeff Harkins wrote:
>Ms. Swanson,
>Since the work by Mr. Peterson was completed as 
>a consulting project, I fail to see why you 
>would denigrate his services because he accepted 
>a fee for his work. Do you use similar 
>references for all professional folks who earn 
>fees for providing services - e.g., lawyers, 
>accountants, dentists, doctors?
>Asserting that his presentation was "totally 
>biased" is a rather serious indictment. 
>Fortunately, because the work was completed 
>under the protocols of academic research, it 
>will be relatively easy to determine whether 
>there was a significant and/or persistent bias 
>introduced in his model.
>Since you posted on a public forum, please 
>enlighten us as to your assessment of his model. 
>There are a number of issues that you might have 
>concerns about, including
>Are his assumptions inappropriate?
>Is his econometric model predisposed to an outcome?
>Does he exclude relevant variables?
>Does he include irrelevant variables?
>Does the model suffer from multi-collinearity?
>Does the model suffer from auto-correlation?
>Does he fail to properly interpret the research findings
>Did he fail to note potential shortcomings or limitations of his work?
>Again, please provide some rationale for your 
>assertion of bias - my instincts suggest that 
>unless you can point to specific elements of 
>bias that you are invoking the "I don't like the 
>message, so let's kill the messenger" strategy.
>Your charge that Mr Peterson behaved as a "smart 
>alec" is interesting.  I don't know exactly what 
>you mean by that.  But I was not at the Moscow 
>Chamber session and have no first-hand knowledge 
>of that presentation.
>However, I have heard Steve present on numerous 
>occasions and I have always known him to be 
>polite, knowledgeable, forthright and willing to 
>answer questions related to his research. 
>Perhaps you could expand on your assertion of 
>"smart alec"?
>Finally, since you did not offer any additional 
>comments on my contributions to understanding 
>Barry Lynn's writings, am I to assume that you 
>agree with me that Mr. Lynn is advancing an 
>agenda of returning the US economy to a more 
>highly-regulated by government state (e.g., 
>pre-Reagan era)?  And as you ponder that, are 
>you willing to have the US banking industry 
>return to the level and type of regulation that 
>existed before the Reagan era?
>At 10:23 PM 9/6/2006, you wrote:
>>Mr. Harkins,
>>A deeper meaning of Hack:  Economist for Hire.
>>After Steve Peterson’s totally biased and smart 
>>alec presentation to the Chamber of Commerce on 
>>August 23, I think he earned the title and lost 
>>credibility.  I hope he can manage to be a bit 
>>more objective when he presents “Why is Moscow 
>>Growing” to the City Council later this month. 
>>B. J. Swanson
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>>Ms. Swanson,
>>One final point - please explain the reference 
>>to "The Hack" inserted between Steve and 
>>Peterson.  What exactly are you attempting to 
>>say with that moniker? Is it just simple name 
>>calling or do you have a deeper meaning in mind?
>>At 06:27 AM 9/6/2006, you wrote:
>>Thanks for posting.  I hope Jeff Harkins and Steve "The Hack" Peterson read
>>it, too.  Here's the link:
>>          http://www.harpers.org/BreakingTheChain.html
>>B. J. Swanson
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>>Barry C. Lynn
>>"Breaking the Chain: The Anti-Trust Case Against Wal Mart:" Harper's Mag.
>>(July '06).
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