[Vision2020] Wal-Mart impact studies

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Mr. Harkins,


A deeper meaning of Hack:  Economist for Hire.


After Steve Peterson’s totally biased and smart alec presentation to the
Chamber of Commerce on August 23, I think he earned the title and lost
credibility.  I hope he can manage to be a bit more objective when he
presents “Why is Moscow Growing” to the City Council later this month.  


B. J. Swanson



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Ms. Swanson, 
One final point - please explain the reference to "The Hack" inserted
between Steve and Peterson.  What exactly are you attempting to say with
that moniker? Is it just simple name calling or do you have a deeper meaning
in mind?

At 06:27 AM 9/6/2006, you wrote:


Thanks for posting.  I hope Jeff Harkins and Steve "The Hack" Peterson read
it, too.  Here's the link:


B. J. Swanson


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Barry C. Lynn
"Breaking the Chain: The Anti-Trust Case Against Wal Mart:" Harper's Mag.
(July '06). 

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