[Vision2020] Moscow's terrible sidewalks

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Wed Sep 6 15:30:33 PDT 2006

Pennsylvania says:
"I've seen on the list and the DN many complaints about the lack of 
sidewalks on Mountain View. How about the older parts of town? Who do we 
complain to?   How can we do something about this? Shouldn't it be in the 
street budget?"

There has been discussion about this in the Moscow Transportation 
Commission.  Believe me, we know where the sidewalk problems (or total 
lack of sidewalk) exist.  It was an interesting story about how the 
sidewalk inventory was taken, all by one guy, in flip flops.

I'd attach the minutes of the meetings where the "Sidewalk/Pedestrian 
System Improvement Program" was discussed, but it makes for a lengthy 
email.  Your best bet would be to contact the City of Moscow Public Works 
Department and see if the recommended proposal from the Transportation 
Commission was adopted by the City Council, and maybe they can get you a 
copy of the plan.

The Transportation Commission has taken this very seriously.  I know our 
Council liaison, Bill Lambert, has expressed the need for the adoption of 
the plan.  Hopefully he can convince his fellow councillors to accept the 
proposed program.


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