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Tom Hansen thansen at moscow.com
Mon Sep 4 10:59:46 PDT 2006

Date (Activity):  October 3, 2000 (First Gore-Bush Presidential Debate)

Location: Clark Athletic Center at the University of Massachusetts 

MODERATOR (Jim Lehrer of the NewsHour on PBS): Governor Bush, how would you
go about as president deciding when it was in the national interest to use
U.S. force, generally? 

BUSH: Well, if it's in our vital national interest, and that means whether
our territory is threatened or people could be harmed, whether or not the
alliances are -- our defense alliances are threatened, whether or not our
friends in the Middle East are threatened. That would be a time to seriously
consider the use of force. Secondly, whether or not the mission was clear.
Whether or not it was a clear understanding as to what the mission would be.
Thirdly, whether or not we were prepared and trained to win. Whether or not
our forces were of high morale and high standing and well-equipped. And
finally, whether or not there was an exit strategy. I would take the use of
force very seriously. I would be guarded in my approach. I don't think we
can be all things to all people in the world. I think we've got to be very
careful when we commit our troops. The vice president and I have a
disagreement about the use of troops. He believes in nation building. I
would be very careful about using our troops as nation builders. I believe
the role of the military is to fight and win war and therefore prevent war
from happening in the first place. So I would take my responsibility
seriously. And it starts with making sure we rebuild our military power.
Morale in today's military is too low. We're having trouble meeting
recruiting goals. We met the goals this year, but in the previous years we
have not met recruiting goals. Some of our troops are not well-equipped. I
believe we're overextended in too many places. And therefore I want to
rebuild the military power. It starts with a billion dollar pay raise for
the men and women who wear the uniform. A billion dollars more than the
president recently signed into law. It's to make sure our troops are
well-housed and well-equipped. Bonus plans to keep some of our high-skilled
folks in the services and a commander in chief that sets the mission to
fight and win war and prevent war from happening in the first place. 


And the beat goes on . . .

Seeya round town, Moscow.

Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho


"In America, anybody can become president.  
That's one of the risks you take . . ."

- Adlai Stevenson


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